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Veon brings best in consulting and integration solutions on Salesforce, SugarCRM, and SAP. It is an innovative company which deals best of the breed solution using SOA based SAP Integration and commercial opensource solutions like SugarCRM, Magento and Wordpress. It helps small and medium enterprise become smarter.

SAP Accounting document not posted or cleared – (Solved)

In the order to payment cycle, a SAP sales and distribution consultant comes across integration to finance and accounting on few occasions. Once such point is when you create the invoice and it gets released to accounting. Another is when incoming payment is posted. Sometimes, if account determination is not set properly, you can get [...]

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Scheduling a Job in SAP with variant containing dynamic date parameter

This tutorial contains a step by step guide on how you can define a variant containing a dynamic data parameter (let us say today + 1) and subsequently use it for scheduling a background job in SAP. This is especially useful for technical and basis team members. It is also useful for SAP functional consultants [...]

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How to test BAPI which do not commit using SE37

SAP has provided various ways to integrate with third party applications. Remote function call (RFCs) is one of them. The advantage of using RFCs over other alternate like IDOCs is that the former is real time and whereas IDOCs are received or transmitted to a destination in asynchronous manner. However, some BAPIs do not commit [...]

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Territory Management Solution on SugarCRM

A CRM software must be customized to reflect the ground realities of how sales team are organized. For better geographical and product line coverage, territories are defined and various activities and reporting are done at this level. Territory Management one of the missing pieces in SugarCRM and this solution precisely bridges this gap. However, to [...]

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How to use CRM for Order Management

Small business owners want to have things simplified. For them software is no different. Instead of setting up ERP and CRM application separately and have them integrated, they end up having a single system for the entire life-cycle of a customer. Typically it is easier to customize and set up things within the CRM application [...]

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Step by Step tutorial on how to use Data loader in Salesforce

Imagine you want to upload a huge amount of data to your environment. Let’s be more specific, imagine you want to upload about up to five million records. Now of course for a certain number of records we can just go the usual way and upload a csv file but for five million records [...]

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You have won a customer – What Now

Usually CRM  systems are implemented to support the sales activity and process. But what happens when you actually close a deal? How do you ensure customer retention? How do you keep your customers happy? A CRM is by its name a customer relationship management tool. The name is talking about customers, not leads, not opportunities [...]

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Stock-Out Versus Inventory Cost – A retailer’s paradoxical nightmare

There’s a big paradox in retail and that is the nightmare between stock out, which means basically that an item is out of stock, and high inventory costs that accrue when a lot of items are kept in stock to avoid stock out. You see where we are getting at here. It seems like one [...]

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Customer Support is crucial except when..

The usual best practice for business owner is structured around delighting their customers. Front desk operation, call centers solutions and many more solutions have been designed and implemented world over.However can you ever neglect them? As a customer relationship management company, I am prompted to say NO. However after going through so many business transactions [...]

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