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SAP Salesforce Integration

As a SAP Salesforce integration company, we leverage  SOA Based Architecture to generate maximum value real time data exchange between Salesforce and your ECC or SAP Business One infrastructure.

“Best run businesses run SAP”. While SAP brings in unparalleled control and transparency to backend operations, you need a web based flexible field sales and after sales solution which could meet the evolving needs of your sales team and help them collaborate much faster and in a meaningful way. is the leader in cloud based customer relationship management segment. Therefore it is obvious that enterprises seeking best of the two worlds look at integrating the two aforementioned application

Out of the Box integration between  SAP  and Salesforce

Veon brings you out of the box integration between SAP and Salesforce on APPSeCONNECT platform with the following key highlights.

SAP is a robust application which helps you manage your back-end operations in an optimized manner. However when it comes to managing sales and after sales operations, (SFDC) is the most dominant player.

We expertise in integrating the most popular cloud based Customer Relationship Management solution with the robust back offices running on SAP. The customers get best of both the worlds. The ready to use out of the box connector helps you in saving time and money and getting started from day one.

Your customers are synchronized along with the respective contact persons. Standard SAP master data replication is used along with change pointers for an optimum integration.
Synchronize the product catalog from SAP along with the information from SAP. Get the latest information synchronized and eliminate redundancies.
Mark the deal as closed within Salesforce and make it automatically flow down to SAP ECC to ensure that quotation is captured in the system.
Get order information flow from SAP to and get it arranged in a way that truly describes the document flow in the system.
Key elements of delivery like delivery date and tracking number is visible in so that the customer executives can support the customer requests.
Invoice Information is synchronized in from SAP. The CRM users can provide the crucial information needed to the customers in case of financial disputes or questions.
SAP Salesforce Integration Services
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System Demo of Integration

Excerpts of the Video

The video shows the solution overview and covers the  typical needs of Salesforce automation needs of an enterprise. SAP serves as master and backend data whereas Salesforce helps in tracking field sales activities and capturing quotations. The feature shown are in the following order

The customer information can be sent from SAP to Salesforce so that they are readily available for sales team and quotation can be created from Salesforce.
The list price can be sent from SAP to Salesforce so that the customer representative can choose the price book and ensure that the customer is getting the correct prices for his orders.
All the opportunities in Salesforce which are marked as closed won are downloaded into SAP and the quotation number is updated in Salesforce
All the orders created in Salesforce are synchronized with SAP and their respective order numbers are updated in Salesforce.
The delivery information pertaining to orders created are updated in Salesforce. The information also contains the goods issue date and tracking number if any.
The invoice information is sent from SAP to Salesforce and the invoice date, invoice number and due dates are populated as per the information available in SAP.

Business Use Cases

The following use cases  help you understand the business value in your enterprise context? . Get up and running within no time and reap business benefits from day one.

Integrating SAP with Salesforce with our platform not only helps you become efficient but also saves lots of potential conflicts for customer facing teams in your organization. Some of them have been listed down.

How do I ensure Order get created in SAP

The sales team is able to interact with SAP and get their respective orders and quotations created in SAP without having to undergo tedious training and learning materials. Their time is best spent in field isn’t it?

Where are my goods?

The sales coordinators and support teams can now face customer questions with confidence. With the ability to access critical information about delivery, they can information the customers when their goods have been dispatched and by when they can expect them to be delivered. Tracking number is also available from SAP for a real time tracking of goods.

When are the invoice due

Accessing billing information was never so easy for sales team. With the click of a button, they would be able to see the invoice details and also associated information like due dates.

Reasons to Choose us and the integration platform 

Proven solution on a Proven platform!

As the SAP ECC partner of the platform, Veon leverages APPSeCONNECT that allows SAP ECC solution to integrate with top e-commerce and CRM solutions. Our deep understanding of SAP and the following key points are the reasons why you should select us.

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  • Deployed on premise means your data always remains with you.
  • Deployed on premise means your data always remains with you.
  • Over 200 live customers across the globe.

Even more Reasons

Adherence to best practices

  • Maximum utilization of standard features of SAP and Salesforce
  • Focus on best practices and Governor’s limit

Control on Data

  • On premise solution and hence your data remains with you
  • Configurable and scale-able solution designed for your growth

Architecture of the Solution

Usually a SAP Salesforce integration company can have varied integration approach. However, in our case, the solution architecture is very straightforward and before we move to that, we need to take a quick look at the process of the setting up the integration. The process of setting up the solution is as below

 Steps for configuring the integration 

  1. You need to sign up for the services
  2. Choose the ERP backend solution as SAP ECC
  3. Choose the Market place application as
  4. Download the Agent
  5. Configure the Agent with credentials to connect to SAP and Salesforce.

System Landscape diagram 

The figure below shows how the agent resides in your server and helps the application communicate with each other. The agent uses a single license for both the application.

As you would know the delivery and invoice objects are not there in and they need to be set up by our development team. Also basic configuration has to be done in SAP so that it is able to talk to Agent.

Does the solution work with SAP All in One and SAP Business One?

SAP All in one is a pre-configured solution which works best for a typical company in a specific vertical. It helps in reducing implementation timeline and cost. Yet, the architecture of the solution is exactly the same as ECC. Therefore, yes, the solution works with SAP All in One as well. The subscription price for this as well as SAP ECC starts from $ 849 per month or an one-time price of $ 19999. **

SAP Business One is a different solution altogether. But, yes we have a solution which connects SAP B1 with Salesforce. Its based on a .NET architecture and is fundamentally different to the usual ABAP + JAVA stack that SAP ECC has. The good news is that yes we have a solution which works with SAP Business One as well. The subscription price for this starts from $ 279 per month or a one-time price of $ 6499. **

**Please note that implementation and installation cost will be separate.