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Experienced  SugarCRM Developers from one of the thought leaders in the industry. Feel the difference from first interaction itself. Innovate along with us and implement ideas which lead to disruptive growth.

Making SugarCRM work the way it should in your business context.

Veon – Your  SugarCRM Development partner

Ever hired someone for a CRM project and felt you did not make a right choice? SugarCRM developers are often thought to be geeks writing custom PHP code. However, this is a misconception. To start with, the width of the technology covers Smarty, Javascript, MySQL, SOAP and REST apart from PHP. At Veon Consulting, following are the ways in which we differentiate ourselves with respect to the others.

#1. Communication | Consultation and Technical Solution

Not Just PHP Coding | Its about Communicating Brainstorming and Business Improvement. One of the keys to successful implementation is communication. Absolute clarity between business owners and developers is a key to success. It determines how close the outcome would be as compared to the business needs of the organization. As far as SugarCRM developments are concerned, our developers also act as consultants and guide the business owner on possibilities within the framework, stressing on business process improvements, automation and increasing efficiency.

#2. Interaction with Power Users

Entire team has to buy-in into the CRM solution and not just the senior management. Our SugarCRM developer validate confirm and develop the solution which is more meaningful and value adding to the end users. Increasing user adoption is another critical success factor of the CRM implementation program.

#3 Reuse and Accelerate Deployment

If you have customization requests, most probably we would have developed it already for some other customer. Our practice of reusing code snippets and solutions, not only accelerates your project delivery, but also help save thousands of dollars. Please note that we ensure that we don’t violate any non disclosure and reuse any client proprietary code in this process.

#4  Best Practices and More Best Practices

You know your business and we know technology. But that is not the only point. We can also suggest brainstorm along with you and design things flexibly so that application can serve you even when environment and business process change. All of development are upgrade safe and meet the highest standards. We also identify scope for process improvement and automation so that it brings visible efficiency and positive impact on your operations.

Four Stepped SugarCRM Project delivery

Four stepped optimized SugarCRM project Development

After analyzing typical pain points mentioned above and to summarize our 150+ implementations, we have designed the four steps for a successful SugarCRM implementation. These have not only worked wonders for us but also helped our customers achieve the business goals.  We sincerely recommend them to entire community so that every one can benefit from this information.

The underlying principle remain the there has to be a fast match between business needs and what is being developed. At the same time, the consultant must address medium and long term needs of the organization taking into account the best practices and re-usable from the past implementation.

The stepped delivery methodology has been explained below

# 1. Know and Listen This phase sets the context of business operations and need for CRM implementation. This is a crucial phase in which SugarCRM consultant comes to know what the business pain points need to be addressed in the short and medium terms.

# 2 Design for future Guesstimating the business growth and also the changing business requirement. The application needs to be designed for years going forward. So the consultant must thoroughly design the application before jumping onto coding.

# 3 Upgrade Safe The consultant must minimize, if not eliminate non-upgrade safe coding so that you don’t find yourself spending enormous upgrade fees later on. Non upgrade safe coding if at all must be justified and also tracked.

#4 Best Practices  What can the consultant add from his previous implementation experiences? Are there opportunities to automate or re-engineer the business processes? Integration with other applications using frameworks like SOAP and REST can also save manual effort and drive user adoption. This also helps reduce manual errors.

It Works

Following the above four steps actually works! They have saved a lot of potential problems and conflicts. They also ensure that we match the expectation of most of our client have with their CRM initiative. Most important is that once these principles are adhered to and communication is simplified, there is little that can go wrong. Though we have followed this in our implementations related to SugarCRM, this is true across all IT implementations.

Core Areas of SugarCRM Development

When we get assignments, they are usually associated with one or more of the following elements. Together they make up the total depth and width of the calculation.

Core SugarCRM Areas

Out of the box modules may not be sufficient. You may want a custom module to be developed for you. For example if you are into logistics business, you would require us to create “Shipment” module with tracking details. Apart from mere creating of the module, you must also have relationships defined with other modules. Like in our earlier example shipments may be related to orders invoices and Carrier.

The standard modules may be insufficient for the business requirements. You might need additional information or business logic to be incorporated, custom validations or notifications to be triggered.

You may need SugarCRM to talk to your Order Management / Accounting / VOIP solution. Some of them may require you to have a real time API call and others may just require a batch based overnight loading of the system.

Automation in terms of highlight relevant business event to the required business users is crucial element in getting your processes efficient. For certain business events like a new opportunity created with amount more than USD 50,000 you may want to send a trigger to VP, Sales. You may also want to schedule a notification to send you morning feed of items that require attention.

To keep a tab on performance, you would need to keep a tab on sales and after sales KPIs values. Reports come handy for such need. You would also want to have dashboards which can give an indication of things which require attention. Together with workflows, reports and dashboard play an important role in making your organization efficient.

Core SugarCRM Areas

What to look for in a SugarCRM Developer

Our experiences executing the projects, reveal that following are the salient aspects you must look at before deciding on finalizing SugarCRM Developer. Taking these considerations would help you avoid failures and ensure that you can build a solid CRM solution for years to come. The checklist below has been prepared by us after a lot of research and our first hand experience in executing various projects. We sincerely hope this is useful to all companies which want to implement SugarCRM.

1. Knack for understanding the business processes and objectives of implementation

2. Technical competency in PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / Smarty and most importantly SugarCRM Architecture

3. Adherence to upgrade safe development practices in spite of  timelines and targets

4. Simple communication and methodology to capture requirements and get a sign off instead of developing a solution which is one sided

5. Ability to drive participation from the end users  and get their buy-in

Top 4 Recommendations for SugarCRM Customer 

We understand that you are in a hurry to accomplish your business goals and are looking for a quick solution which can be used by you. However, from many customer interactions and our experience, you should definitely follow the following points in order to ensure long term success.

1. Never underestimate the role of documentation of your SugarCRM project. Believe me, you will need it sooner or later and then you would regret it the most

2. Insist on a design walk-through and sign-off process with your SugarCRM developer so that you can get a feeling of what you are about to get

3. Involve your end users and ask them to participate in the design discussions

4. Insist on upgrade safe coding. If something is not possible to achieve it an upgrade safe manner, then list it down and thoroughly understand why it was not possible to do it the upgrade safe manner. 

Core SugarCRM Areas

Conclusions and about Us

Thus we have seen that SugarCRM related development is more than writing PHP code. We are shy when it comes to talking great about ourselves. Nevertheless Veon started offering offshore based SugarCRM implementation services when SugarCRM was in its 4th release. We have helped over 200+ client meet their CRM objectives.

This journey has helped us in getting thorough exposure to a variety of business scenarios and provoked our though process beyond the usual boundaries of being a SugarCRM Consultant. Our solutions like Order Management Solution, Territory Management and SAP SugarCRM Integration has really put us on the forefront of the SugarCRM consulting space.

The reason why we are so excited about what we do is because we see our solution work and form the backbone of business transactions for all of our clients. Most of customers are referrals. We take feedback about our services seriously. On consolidated levels our average engagement feedback score is 4.6/5.0. Both these are strong indication that we have been successful in bringing value on board.