For an effective salesforce automation, it is imperative that your CRM application must be customized to supports sales territories. The territories are usually multi-layered and geography based. They also play a role in the visibility of sales data in the organization. The user with a role lower in the territory chart will have limited access whereas a superior will have access to his relevant territory. The entities which are in questions are leads, contacts, opportunities, dashboards and other custom modules within SugarCRM.

Also in some cases an enterprise can run multiple divisions of the same company within single SugarCRM instance. This solution can also be useful in this case as it segregate data access as per divisions to which the logged in user is assigned. The solution is so developed within SugarCRM you can assign multiple divisions as well for the same user.



About the SugarCRM Territory Management Solution

More often than not, you would want to have your sales team organized and managed in territories. You may want to control the access to information based on the above. In some businesses, you can have multiple divisions and sales team would be structured based on that. The solution helps the selling organizations implement the above functionality in SugarCRM. You can define your own territories and your teams. You can define access levels and hence authorize data access to a particular user.



Details of the Territory Management Solution

The solution is structured in multiple parts as shown in the video and also described below. It powers the administrator to segregate the access to data using territories. In practical life, these could be different regions or divisions of the same company. Thus in short you can have multiple entities within the same SugarCRM instance.


Defining Territories

Territories can be defined in a way that represents the business scenario. The solution helps the companies identify and manage the segregation of data as per the definition above. You can have many layers of territories and thus the set up is flexible for tomorrow when business control changes. You just need to adjust territories and rest is taken care of.


Defining Hierarchy Levels

You can define the hierarchy levels associated with the user. This hierarchy helps the system identify who reports to whom. We prefer not to use the report to field in users module as it makes it maintenance intensive. Again the flexibility in terms of changing the hierarchy structure at any point of time gives you a powerful control.


Organizing Teams as per the Territory and Levels

After associating the territory and hierarchy levels of the user, you are done. The control structure is in place and the information is presented according to the access levels.



Business Benefits of the Solution

The solution has tremendous bearing from business perspective. Default SugarCRM doesn’t have inbuilt features to reflect sales territories , multiple divisions or hierarchy levels of the organization. This solution helps you to achieve all of them in a single go. Moreover the application does not require intensive maintenance at user level. For instance if Sam , a regional manager leaves the organization and Peter joins at the same hierarchy level, Rita who was earlier reporting to Sam automatically now reports to Peter as per the hierarchy definition.

Multiple Divisions single instance

In some cases, you may want to use SugarCRM to handle multiple divisions of the same company and you may want to restrict the data access as per the divisions assigned to the logged in user. This solution can be extended to such a scenario as well.


What entities do you restrict

This is always a good question. As the solution is driven from sales perspective, the segregation of the data is again from salesforce automation perspective and not after sales. Usually after sales is a combined entity across the enterprise. Thus segregation comes into play for all the sales and marketing modules within SugarCRM. The restriction is also imposed on charts and dashlets.



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