Evaluating online commerce platforms for your enterprise? I am sure that there are many choices. This article helps you with the salient points which can shed light on its suitability. Bigcommerce is a unique eCommerce solution that allows the user to create a fully functional online store and sell products and services online. Vast majority of API allows easy integration of Bigcommerce with ERP systems and has very good ability to be customized. Since its first launch in 2009, it has emerged as a robust eCommerce platform sweeping big results for established and emerging businesses.

bigcommerce popularity

Bigcommerce popularity


Top 4 Reasons why Bigcommerce is so popular

The following are what I think the top four reasons which makes the application so popular. These factors are not meant to be exclusive. So if you are launching your web store this information may help you to find where the aforementioned platform scores above its peers.

Reason # 1 – Pricing

Pricing for the platform is significantly considerate than its counter parts. Bigcommerce has up-to-par features even though we margin up the pricing ladder. The base version price starts from $14.00 per month and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. An additional charge of 1.5% of transaction fees is charged though.


Reason # 2 – Payment Gateway

Bigcommerce is way ahead of its competitors in terms of Payment plug-in options. It allows payments via 60+ different gateways whereas Magento allows only 14. This increases the usability of this platform in a broader spectrum of markets.


Reason # 3 – Templates

  • Bigcommerce provide a wide range of good quality free templates. With this platform you have the option of choosing from a lot more free templates than Magento. Moreover, these templates are much easier to preview and apply.
  • The solution has very responsive free themes. It also enables the automatic display of the correct branded version of your store on a mobile device.
  • It can be customized using HTML AND CSS, so even if you have a little hands-on coding environment, you can pick a free template and give it your own unique touch. You can also customize your template by directly editing elements like typefaces and themes from the control panel.


Reason # 4 – Key eCommerce Features

Bigcommerce offer a broad set of essential features. Below are listed some of the unique features:

a) Abandoned Cart Saver

  • According to google analytics, the shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. Abandoned Cart Feature essentially allows you to follow up on the people who have visited your store, showed interest in your products but have finally abandoned their cart.
  • Bigcommerce has designed one of the best Abandoned Cart Saver feature in the e-cart. This feature is very useful because it allows you to follow up on your potential customers via e-mails and asking them to reconsider (offer discounts in certain cases).
  • Unlike Magento, Bigcommerce does not need a third party solution to send e-mails; it has an integrated system which allows you to send automatic e-mails to visitors (potential customers) who abandoned your cart without making a purchase. This feature can be a game changer in dramatically increasing your sales revenue without putting in much effort.


b) Integration with eBay

  • eBay integration helps your store attract more number of customers and compete with big players. This in turn takes the revenue of your store to the next level.
  • It provides high level of integration with eBay.


c) Blogging

  • Writing a quality blog about your products tends to bring in relevant traffic (and thus sales) to your store. Blogging functionality that comes with the solution and represents a win-win situation for your online sales.
  • You can integrate third-party blogging tools like WordPress with the solution; though it won’t be much necessary because it has a very developed and a much neater blogging solution.
  • While choosing between Magento and Bigcommerce, blogging solution provided by latter is way ahead.


d) Facebook Integration

The platform allows you to add articles and updates directly to your Facebook page, while Magento doesn’t. This is very beneficial as a lot of traffic nowadays come from Facebook.


e) Buying Domains

This is a new addition to online store building tools. Instead of buying domains from third party domain name providers, it gives you the advantage of buying domains directly from them. This is a very advanced solution if you want your website up and running without configuring DNS records in a very less time.


With the help of above article, it can be concluded that Bigcommerce is suitable for organizations who want to sell without much of web commerce developments. The solution is ideal for someone who wants to launch a web-store quickly and does not have much time to manage day to day technicalities of running the online business. I hope this article helps you. Please get back to me in case of any comments or questions and I shall be happy to respond.