For small business owners PHP is an obvious choice to save cost. But deciding on overseas development partner has always been tough. For small to mid-sized businesses, it becomes even tougher to find a trusted development partner who can deliver. Given this, it is totally understandable why you may be skeptical to outsourcing SugarCRM assignments or other related PHP developments.  Most of the small companies give a shot at recruiting a full time resource, but our analysis of job history on, Monster and other popular job site reveals that finding an apt developer who is experienced, within your budget and near your location is tough. On many occasion this can itself become time a full time task for the business owners / CXOs.

Gartner - Checks and Balances while Outsourcing

Gartner – Outsourcing Checks and Balances while Outsourcing

“To have a complete connect between your teams in onsite and offshore location you need to get a model in place to gradually reduce differences arising out of cultural backgrounds, communication gaps and time zones.”

Benefits of outsourcing SugarCRM and related PHP Developments

Before moving further, lets us first understand why companies look at outsourcing. Of course if you are here, you already have your agenda, but I am listing the top 3 reasons why companies outsource.

  • Reduced cost of ownership

    No brainer actually. Offshore rate for reasonable PHP consultant are as low as $18 / hr. Discounts accrue with volumes and usually there are other flexible pricing models which you can decide from. This sums up to a figure ranging between $ 2,500 – $ 3,000 per resource per month. 

  • Ramp up / Ramp Down

    Based on your expect work load you can increase / reduce you team size and use your funds in an optimum manner.

  • Save on overheads

    Having a permanent staff means you would have to take care of infrastructure, payroll, insurance and other administration related expenses. You save all of this and concentrate on growing your business.

Finding recruitment challenging and also driven by cost savings and other benefits in outsourcing, business owners usually check out the option to engage freelancers.

Freelancers – A quick but limited externalization option

Freelancer quick but limited

Freelancer quick but limited

Freelancing sites like oDesk, Elance and Guru come to rescue but again “freelancers are going to be freelancers”. You may have to spend hours explaining and monitoring their work. Also your success also depends on having resource continuity. In most of these projects documentation is scarce and adherence to quality guidelines not a priority. So if freelancer chooses to opt out or revise terms to something which is not agreeable, you may find yourself in a vendor lock-in situation.

Though these sites have ratings and job history, however many owners find it still difficult to shortlist and find an exact match.The infrastructure used by the developers is usually pathetic. The freelancers we interviewed lately revealed that at personal front their aim is to get a job in a reputed software company. This means there is a considerable risk to the engagements they have undertaken on these sites.

Top 5 things to evaluate your offshore SugarCRM / PHP consultants upon

After research and analysis, we found out that the only way to make the outsourcing model succeeds is to have a high level of trust and offshore consultants become extension of your team. This requires establishing trust to an extent where for example they can interact with external stakeholders on your behalf. This has to come of course with time experience and conscious effort.Here are a few parameters or tips to ensure success in your engagement.

 5 Things to take care when outsourcing SugarCRM and PHP Developments

5 Things to take care when outsourcing SugarCRM and PHP Developments

  • Informed Communication

    It’s not only deliver best quality code but at the same time to ensure that your offshore team takes effort in knowing you better and genuinely understand what you are trying to achieve. Will he / she be in a position to recommend and suggest how you can make your solution better? Valid suggestions do wonders in gaining trust and respect from team members.

  • Data Confidentiality

    Non disclosure is usually a signed document for many development companies. Instead it should be a way to respect what you are set to achieve. The outcome of the assignment must be equally important to the offshore consultant. He / she should not reveal trade secrets or demonstrate instances developed for other clients even if that means missing out a new opportunity. New relationships should not come at a cost of old ones – isn’t it?

  • Productivity

    Question to ask is how have the consultants been trained on technology and methodology in the first place. Most companies have shallow answer on this one and this also explains why they may not deliver within committed timelines. Ask your consultant on what has been the customer feedback score in the past engagements. Over 90% of consultants would not have a customer satisfaction form

  • Domain Experience

    Assignments are meant for certain industry verticals and hence carry a flavor of domain level business practices.  Professional services, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics and HealthCare all have their own critical success factors. The past experiences helps consolidate understand and gets the consultant up and running faster.

  • Process Accelerators

    Matured development companies use templates for checking code effectiveness and performance. This standardization means that you can be assured of a quality level. Moreover certain companies reuse code which means a cost and time saving overall.

Has outsourcing ever worked?

Yes. Veon Consulting is live example where outsourcing has worked for all our clients. At Veon the top priority is therefore to get aligned vis-à-vis your business objectives and goals. Apart from this we take a series of considerations that proves to be a game changer in the entire association. All our clients have concluded that they have taken a right decision to outsource development to us. We stand at a consolidated rating of 4.65/5.0 across hundreds of engagement and we are really proud to mention that most of our clients have shown tremendous faith in us. Here are a few snapshots.

Like most of our clients, DGBS Inc, a New Jersey based staffing company, was outsourcing for the first time when they signed up with us to build a Human Resource Scoring Tool. Showcasing the tools in events and conferences like SAPPHIRE helped opened many opportunities for them.

Banner Staffing Solution

ProActive makes revenue generating platform on SugarCRM

ProActive Brokers were looking at redefining how brokers list properties on their website. IDX uses iframes which leads to no SEO credit. ProActive broker uses property listings that are actual wordpress content which is not only loved but search engines but is also helpful to the buyers.

Staffing Solution Proactive

Your own solution on top of SugarCRM? – Think long term

Long Term Success


You need to have worked extensively on extending SugarCRM to make solutions on top of it. In our engagements in past have worked in extending SugarCRM for real estate, recruitment solution, order management and logistics freight calculator solution. The key success factors in these assignments have been

  • Build the solution on SugarCRM framework
  • Higher number of configurable elements to make the solution flexible
  • High level of support for end users who are live
  • Planning the road-map for further developments

Technical competency in SugarCRM

Our developers have deep rooting in Object Oriented concepts and module programming in PHP. The other skill-set that

SugarCRM Developers - Efficient and Productive

SugarCRM Developers – Efficient and Productive

We extensively work on are Javascript, AJAX, Bootstrap and Smarty. We have also done integration with other applications using the REST and SOAP frameworks. All these have helped us form a comprehensive understanding in various aspects of the application.

Our consultants are well versed with community and professional editions of SugarCRM and have worked in both Windows and Linux environments. We also have our quality and code checklist to ensure performance optimization and adherence to coding standards.

Willing to take the next steps?

With attention to the details, simplified communication and documented approach we genuinely believe that we can add value to your assignment. We guarantee that you would notice the difference in the first communication that you have with us. Fill in this form and we will get back to you at the earliest.