For any business small or big customer is the most important person. All the business decisions and implementation have only one focus on ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and the simplest policy that can be implemented to achieve this is ‘deliver amazing customer service when customer needs it’. 

Delivering such an impressive customer service is not a one man show, it takes a coordinated effort from a team to deliver such service.

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The key factors for such service are:

  • Effective communication within the team
  • Proactive support to customer to navigate them through the sales pipeline
  • 360 degree client view
  • Engaging conversation with prospect the right moment

And a CRM can help the organization to achieve these points and many more, in a way to deliver the best service to clients.

How SugarCRM can help to enhance sales

In a broad sense, the customer cycle can be split into the following three major phases of customer acquisition to maintaining ongoing loyalty.

  1. Marketing Phase
  2. Sales Phase
  3. Post Sales Phase

Effective Marketing Phase in SugarCRM

The marketing phase of the sales pipeline consists of multiple activities starting from campaigning and goes till lead/opportunity conversion. SugarCRM comes equipped with modules and features to assist the user in this. Few of the features are listed here

  • Scheduling, executing and tracking progress of the particular campaigns
  • Automatic assignment of lead to different sales team member based upon round robin algorithm
  • Tracking statuses of leads at one centralized location
  • Tracking source for all the leads, giving a clear overview of the effectiveness of the all the channels at one point
  • Scheduling follow up calls and meetings
  • Automating the emails workflow, giving more time to sales

And it is an easy concept to understand that, converting a lead to a potential buyer upon effective communication and consistent marketing

Automated Sales Phase in SugarCRM

Sales phase of the sales pipeline starts from conversion of lead to account and closes at generation of invoice. SugarCRM provides customizable automation and workflow features that can be employed during the phase to ensure validity and smoothness of the data flowing from stage of pipeline to the next, few of which are

  • Finishing routine task for the team member
  • Scheduling call and follow up with the client
  • Notifying other team members about the process
  • Raising flags to appropriate parties if critical criteria are met
  • Sending emails to a client for appropriate statuses

Centralized Post Sales in SugarCRM

Post Sales is part of pipeline that assist the customer after the sale to the customer has been made. And this part becomes crucial to the organization to earn the customer loyalty and repeat sales. SugarCRM helps organizations to achieve one of the most basic expectations from the client, that the sales person representing the organization knows about the client and the business conducted with the client, so that it eases the load on client side to communicate his concern.

360 degree Client View

By 360 degree view, it means that details related to any lead or Account or contact is easily accessible at one single page. Once a team member logs into SugarCRM and pull up the record detail for any of the Account, all the related details are also pulled from the system and shown along with the Account details. For example  

  • Calls that were ever made or scheduled with the account
  • Emails that were sent out to the account or sent in to the CRM managed email account from the account
  • Old and new upcoming opportunities with the account
  • List of contact persons with the account
  • Team and people from the organization assigned to the account
  • Any earlier service request ever made

With the related details readily available to be used the team member invests less time in searching the details in and around the CRM and more towards the sales pitch and issue resolution.

Customizable CRM

One CRM will not suffice all the requirements of all the industries. SugarCRM can be customized to meet the business requirement with industry-specific modules and business-specific interface.

Other than modules and interface SugarCRM also allows organizations to define their own custom-fit workflows to automate the routine task for the team members

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