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We offer a full-scale CRM software development services with a mission to help our customers foster meaningful client interactions. We develop reliable and effective CRM solutions which can tremendously improve sales, marketing and after sales functions. Given our rich experience spanning geographies, industry verticals and software platforms. Our CRM developers are uniquely positioned to deliver a tailored solution to your CRM development needs.

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Our CRM Development Services

We offer complete set of services that can help you evolve over time with your customer relationship management development needs. They are listed below. Some of them are essential business needs, however, others are more advanced and come into play as your mature your business processes.

contact management in CRM

Contact Management

We help you manage your customer information (B2B as well as B2C) in an optimal manner. Integrating CRM with various data sources  ensures that all the data is in a single place and assigned to the relevant sales team member. Functionalities to assign visibility to certain contact records to specified user segment and handling duplicate merge help keep data secure and clean.

Salesforce automation for efficiency

Sales force automation

Designing a solution for sales team requires simplifying the user interface, so that sales rep can do their daily activities on the CRM software solution without investing a lot of time. Our solution helps the team members view their tasks, schedule meetings, note the outcome. It also helps them manage their sales pipeline, close more deals and analyze the loss reason over time. Having visibility on deals that are more likely to covert, help them work smart and focus on items which are more likely to yield results.

service management and help desk

Service Management

Customer journey does not stop with closer of sales. They need efficient post sales service as well. We help you build a solution by which you can track your service agreements, organize your teams and provide a mechanism to respond to customer requests. These requests can come from inbound calls, website or by a SMS. If you sell machines or equipment, we can help you track them with serial numbers and associated warranties. By having response templates and knowledge base you can enable your service teams to respond and fix customer issue faster.

Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboards and Reports

Presenting items for action, help organize the daily activity list of a user. These are put forward in the dashboards. For example, upcoming meetings, pending tasks and open opportunities could be put up in their relevant dashboards. We also support analytic reports like top reason for opportunity loss in last 6 months. These insights help the organization get more efficient. Activity feed and notification helps in keeping user up to date with latest in the organization.

workflow and automation

Workflows and automation

To gain maximum benefits, business processes need to be automated. CRM can play a big role in achieving the same. For example, rules like (a) creation of any quote amounting to more than $100,000 should be notified to sales head (b) any quote with sales margin < 15% must be approved by Regional Sales head. The mentioned examples can be automated within CRM. Schedule based automation can also be implemented by a CRM development company. An example for the same is that all service requests nearing their service level expiration is emailed to the management every morning.

CRM integration services by Veon

CRM Integration

More likely than not, CRM may not be the only software solution in your organization. You may have solutions for accounting, marketing automation, websites, VOIP and SMS. We can help you integrate CRM with these applications so that data can flow seamless between them in an automatic fashion. It ensures that there is a single version of truth and you can get same information irrespective of whichever application you are viewing the information in.

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Business processes mapped, optimized and integrated.

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Linking CRM Development Services to Business Growth

If you are wondering how CRM software implementation can bring in growth for business, we have just the right presentation for you.

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Mike Richardson

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“Guys at Veon take the discussions to the next level. They do not only understand but also question, comment and add value to the whole thing!”

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Value added CRM software development services

Apart from the above, we offer additional CRM development services which help us differentiate with other providers. These offerings help save time and multiplies the benefit that arise from a typical CRM implementation.

pre-configured solutions on CRMWe have ready-made solutions on proven CRM platforms which can be meet typical business need of our customers. Some of them are Order to Invoice management, Help Desk Management Solution, CRM solution for Real Estate, Medical Device CRM, QuickBooks Integration, Mailchimp Integration and SAP Integration.

crm mobility solutionsSince CRM users are mobile, we also offer mobility solutions by which it is very easy to use the CRM application using mobile device. We help developer cross platform compatible mobile applications with advanced features like push notifications and offline sync.

customer self service portalHaving a responsive customer portal can mean less work for your internal team members. Enabling customers to see their support requests, invoices for payments and other items pending their action, can help shorten timelines and increase productivity.

Advantages of engaging a CRM software development services

Success of implementing a CRM solution is a mix of understanding business challenges along expertise on how to solve them using technology. Following are some of the advantages of leveraging a CRM software development company like ours.

Proper Assessment and Design

Assessment and Robust CRM Design

As your CRM development partner, we discuss ways to solve your business problems. We present solutions and alternates to solve organization’s need. With the required inputs and brainstorming we ensure that CRM design is robust to support changing business environment.

Better ROI on effort

Maximize automation and best ROI

As consultants, we are constantly learning. We identify opportunities to automate business processes. This not only makes the business efficient, but also drives user adoption thus leading to better results.

Technical expertise across technology platforms

We are not only expert on robust CRM platforms, but also have deep understanding in related technologies like Mobile APP development, Integration protocols, elastic database JavaScript and more. These can help you get going with a strong CRM solution.

Sprint based delivery

We focus on agile delivery methodology by planning sprints. Items prioritized for the sprint are taken up and developed. At the end of the sprint period it is demonstrated. If any fine tuning is required, it is done before the package is deployed to the live environment.

CRM software development – typical CRM developer profile

A typical CRM software developer at our company is a Bachelor of Technology in Computers with deep grounding in Object Oriented Programming and CRM best practices. He / She would have around 3-5 years of experience implementing CRM solutions. The developer is paired up with a lead who has over 7 years of experience in this area.

software developer profile - education icon

Bachelor in Computer Engineering.

UI-UX design

Well versed in latest UI / UX technologies.

technical framework

Thorough knowledge of development frameworks.

database knowledge and optimization

Deep knowledge of relational Database, NoSQL and DBMS optimization.

integration technology

Proficient in integration technologies like REST, SOAP.

designing crm solution

Deep CRM expertise. Ability to design robust CRM solutions as per business needs.

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Frequently asked Questions

We work on three popular CRM platforms namely SuiteCRM, SugarCRM and Salesforce. We believe that they not only offer a robust framework but are suited for companies of various sizes with varying business needs.

Yes. We can build a custom CRM for you. Usually this is done for organizations with specific requirements which cannot be met by standard CRM packages.
Our consultants offer a wide variety of technical skills. Some of them are PHP, APEX, mySQL, Backbone JS, React JS, Elastic database, PhoneGap and more. Using these, we can develop world class robust solutions.
Yes. We can build custom mobile APP for your CRM. We typically use PhoneGap for generating cross platform compatible mobile APP. We also offer PWA development for mobile computing.
We offer flexible engagement models. Some of them are fixed price, hourly, dedicated developers and ticket-based pricing for support. All our engagement models have you at the center. We suggest which option would be the best for you.

Across the years, our journey has taken us through various industry domains. Some of them are Professional Services, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Automotive, Travel & Leisure, eCommerce and Health Care. We can design a great CRM solution even if you do not belong to these mentioned verticals. Kindly reach out to us for a free assessment.

We integrate various solutions with CRM. The first set of solution is marketing automation tools like MailChimp. We make your email campaigns to integrate into CRM so that you can understand which campaign is driving results. The second set of solution is the accounting software. For example, you might be using QuickBooks, SAP or Sage. We can integrate it so that it can automate financial and operational information exchange. The third set is portal. We can integrate CRM with portals so that it can represent required information to the portal users. The fourth set of solution is for external communication. For example, you may have VOIP or SMS gateway which can facilitate logging of calls and SMS information to or from CRM.

Many SaaS based CRM software solution charge you on per user per month basis. Examples of the same are Salesforce and SugarCRM. Whereas they are definitely worth every cent you spend on them, if you have a huge user base and are constraint on budget, SuiteCRM development may just be the right thing for you. Reach out to us to see how we can help.

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Mr. Jeff Perrye 

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They have been great to work with, very responsive and the bridge between applications that we’ve needed to get the CRM integration running successfully.

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