Customer is the center of any business, and maintaining a healthy engagement is a prime for any business to succeed, this is where the CRM comes to assist. Successful businesses done with the customers generates better revenue, which leads to the generation of long time business assets. And a finance system becomes crucial in such conditions to process and track the payment, invoices and credits.

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Why Integrate CRM 

Traditionally sales and finance departments work in parallel share details over the footnote but have never mixed up. But business coming digital in the paradigm of the process, it has all so ever become more demanding. The demand to share the details and interim status of the pipeline of the process between the two systems is overwhelmingly increasing and details are to be shared in real-time.

For a company’s growth, the relationship between the sales team and the financial team plays an important role. They mostly rely on each other’s data to assess, forecast and make high profits. So it’s important to maintain the same data in both the CRM system and the Finance system. Manually entering the changes made in one system to another is time and effort consuming. As replicating the same data into another is a manual process, there are high chances of human errors which leads to data loss/inconsistency. 

What if we can help the sales team and finance team by automating these processes. Yes, it helps in eliminating human errors and to maintain data quality. It also helps teams by saving time and effort they put on manual entry and to focus on other crucial things.

How it helps Sales Person

  • Faster approval – quotes are updated to the counterpart in almost real-time. And if automated sufficiently the same can also be approved at equally same speed. No more time taking hectic process of filing and processing of the hard copies.
  • Frequent communications with client – With finance system integrated, the intermediate statuses of the pipeline can be synced to the CRM counterpart, for the salesperson to update the client about the transaction regularly and accurately
  • A healthier relationship with client – with communication providing value to the relationship with the client, the salesperson earns a better trust with the client.
  • Better sales – With minimized paperwork and more time in hand a salesperson can target is leads more efficiently
  • Decrease conflicts – With all the team members on the same page, conflict of interest with another team member can be avoided all together
  • Centralized update – With notification system automated, for updates sent by a team member, or either of the two systems, the notification reaches to all the required team members, minimizing all those emails sent out just for updates
  • Real-time reporting – With all the needed data available in the system itself and automation for reports, no more periodic exercises to generate excel reports. 
  • Assisted follow up with client – Email follow up can be setup for independent process statuses, also system will send reminder to the salesperson when necessary

How it helps Sales Coordinator

  • Timely performance review – with all the sales details and sales staff details available at one central location, sales coordinator can review their performance in more timely fashion, and introduce reprimanding action at earlier stages
  • Foreseeing and avoiding bottlenecks – better forecast for financial bottlenecks and remedials to handle the upcoming conditions
  • Effective coordination – notification updates are automated 
  • Minimized paperwork – no more scanning of heap of paper trails to track the financial history.
  • Minimized to and fro mails – automated notifications related to updates from the system are sent out only when it qualifies the preset condition
  • Centralize sales and quotes reviews – with all the sales and quotes documents available centrally review process becomes swift and effectively removes the time slack for approval.
  • Documented communications – all the communication made in relation to the business transaction is effectively available in timestamped documented manner
  • Individual ownership – the sales coordinator can review the individual ownership taken by the sales staff

How it helps Finance Manager

  • Better financial forecast – with opportunity and sales details being synced directly by the CRM team correctly and effectively, manager can better plan for the upcoming business period
  • Detailed reporting
  • Minimized human errors – with quotes and sales details being synced directly in-between the two systems, the scope of human error with figures decreases greatly
  • Detailed communications – history of all the communication ever made in relation to the business transaction can checked from the CRM system
  • Pinpointed client follow ups – 

How it helps CXO

  • Minimized dependency – drops the dependency on individuals to generate reports, based on data collected from the two departments
  • Access to all communication history 
  • More information for decision – All the relevant data can be easily be found within the CRM, and the CXO can make more informed decision
  • Centralized review – can 
  • Faster reports – one time scripts can be written to generate the required reports. Removing dependency and wait time for the  reports to be generated
  • Better future plan execution

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