SuiteCRM and SugarCRM compatible Real Estate property module

Discover how SuiteCRM and SugarCRM compatible Real Estate solution with powerful property module can take you to new heights.

Real estate agents have a difficult job. Managing the list of available properties on one hand and active prospects and their buying preference on the other is indeed challenging. For long it has all happened within their minds and simple spreadsheets and it is time to consider a customer relationship management solution to add automation and streamline in day to day work.

Our solution works as hard as you so that you can benefit and close more deals from day one.

SugarCRM or SuiteCRM Real Estate Solution

Feature list of SuiteCRM / SugarCRM Real Estate Solution

See how our solution automates processes and help you generate more sales.

Property Management

Manage the list of available properties within the CRM in an intuitive manner. Thoroughly maintain the attributes of the properties in a way that will help you to filter and match it with prospects. List properties both for sales and rent separately in a single place. Quickly deactivate a property once it is off market.

Prospect Management

Manage prospects in SugarCRM or Suite CRM and register their preference comprehensively. Integrate the registration of prospects directly from your website. Enable the prospects to edit their preference and budget.


Automated Property Matching

Configure the application to match property with the prospect with their available properties. Configure the system to send a notification to the prospect on availability of a new property which matches any prospect’s preference or if the price of a bookmarked property drops.

Google Map Integration

Visualize the available properties over a map with specific attributes so that you can help your prospects in a much faster manner. Help your prospect find available properties based on a radius around a specific ZIP code.

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Advanced Features of SuiteCRM / SugarCRM real estate solution.

If you are looking at advanced features which can take you a step further, we are glad to help you achieve them.

Portal Integration

Integrate the customer relationship solution with a customer self service portal and let them view information and interact with you in a seamless manner. We can integrate the solution with SMS and for outbound calls as well.

Contract Document Generation

Using mail merge feature, generate documents automatically in the format you want. Additionally leverage digital signature to get e-signatures on contracts and lease agreements.

RETS Integration

Integrate with RETS to get the real estate data refreshed directly from the MLS you are associated with. Save time and generate tremendous benefits.

Workflows and Automation

Both SugarCRM and SuiteCRM are rich in making your business processes streamlined. You can make CRM work harder by defining workflows which can do tasks in an automated manner.

Screenshot of the solution.

The screenshots below run you through the solution in a step by step manner.

Property detailsProperty details are captured in the CRM. They can be integrated with a RETS feed from the MLS so that the new listings can be automatically created in the CRM.

Prospect Details Prospect details along with their property preference can be registered within the system.

Property Match automation Based on the preference of the customers and attributes of the properties, the match is automated by the CRM and notifications can be triggered from the application as desired.

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