We are rated at an average of 4.78/5.0 over 150 implementations that are completed. We measure our engagement feedback on 5 parameters which include adherence to timeline and budget as the foremost consideration. Our clients have found us good on indices like communication and bringing new ideas during the various SugarCRM implementation assignments.

A high volume of referrals that we get and kind words from the customers below are testimonial to the fact that our experienced consultants have been able to deliver value in various assignments.


Chad Testimonial CRM


Customer Testimonials from some of our engagement

Here are some of the testimonials from our customers spread over North America, Europe and South Africa. Most of our customers are business owners, IT managements or CTOs from small and medium enterprises. They are conscious about their budget and want maximum value from their investment.


Real Estate solution for ProActive Brokers and AHM Loans mike-testimonial


” Guys at Veon take discussion to the next level… they not only understand but also question, comment and add value to the whole thing!”


Key Project Highlights 

ProActive brokers are next generation real estate solution which helps in having a world class CRM solution integrated with RETs. It is also linked with wordpress instance of the client and passes the SEO juice which is required to have online customers registrations along with their preferences.

dg client testimonial

Recruitment Management Solution for DGBS Incorporated


” We are into technology staffing…….. The Human Resource Scoring Tool has helped us in differentiating from crowd and bring credibility. Job well done. Thanks Guys!”


Key Project Highlights 

DGBS required a tool which can track the history of a technology candidate in terms of qualification, previous assignments, feedback and utilization levels. This coupled up with social media integration and video intro helped DGBS establish credibility among the fortune 500 clients.




CRM Implementation for a Logistics & Supply Chain Company


Dean Page Testimonial” We had complex work around Quotes module, pricing based on Payload and distance from source till destination. Veon Consulting helped us achieve customization needed for a Logistics & Supply Chain company like us. We have already engaged them for a Phase II of our project.


Key Project Highlights 


Quotation Management icon Quotation Management                               carrier icon    Carrier Integration


Portal Integration icon

Portal Integration                                           Salesforce Automation icon   Salesforce Automation



CRM Customization for a Professional Service Organization


Conversia SA TestimonialWe had to customize SugarCRM heavily for automatic form generation, complex workflows and integration with other applications. Veon did a good job for us in doing these customization. They were also involved in our upgrade to SugarCRM 6.0″.


Key Project Highlights 
mail merge icon   Mail Merge                                            voip integration icon   VOIP Integration


Portal Integration icon   Portal Integration                                    Support icon   Customer Support



CRM Customization for Hospitality Business


Dominic M Testimonial“Very Professional. A real pleasure to work with. We had two other teams…and been disappointed with both their performance. Veon Consulting has restored our faith in outsourcing. Thanks guys! :)”


Key Project Highlights 
Quotation Management icon Quotation Management                                Pipeline Management icon   Pipeline Management


Portal Integration icon Portal Integration                                            Salesforce Automation icon  Salesforce Automation



How do we do it

The advantage that Veon brings forward are multifaceted.  Our engagements are much more streamlined as we have methodology in place to ensure that we design the application properly and in a flexible manner. We walk our customers through the design and take a sign-off before proceeding with the development. Our development standard checklist ensures that our code is commented and upgrade safe. This plays an important role when SugarCRM instance is supposed to be upgraded. We thoroughly test the business cycles with their variations to ensure that the application works in all the cases. This helps in eliminating issues before we hand over the application to you.

We also bring on board the best practices and optimization techniques that can help you save effort and maximize benefits in the long run. Some of the implementation done by us was to recover the instance from poor development and coding techniques.