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Reasons for having us as your SugarCRM Providers

Looking for more reasons to work with us? Following are the the salient consideration points for choosing us are listed below. We feel that these should be used in selecting your technical partner.

SugarCRM knowledgeWe have been associated with the technology since SugarCRM was in version 3.x. Since then we have delivered complex projects covering all aspects of the platform. The understanding of solution core has enabled us to judge and weigh alternates available and recommend the same to customers in a non-partial manner. In this period we have created solutions like Territory Management, SAP SugarCRM Integration, Upgrade Tool, Real Estate Solution and more. Some of these have been appreciated by SugarCRM’s founding team members themselves.

best practicesAs a practice we only follow best practices while delivering any solution. We give upgrade safe coding and maintaining of source code change repository equal weight age as compared to other deliverable s and project timelines. This assures long term success and maintenance free up-gradable instance for our client going forward. This also means that instance flexibility is maintained and not curbed by previous developments.

communication for projectListening to your requirements, discussing the same and making you aware of how we are doing to achieve the same has been a key ingredient in our success. When it comes to timelines, communicating changes, risks we are as clear as we could be. By following these simple steps we have consistently scored a rating of more than 4.5 / 5.0 in all our engagements.

Tools for successful execution

Veon leverages the following tools to ensure quality and on time delivery of your projects. They not only make our project execution streamlined but also help track all the deliverable in a single place.

 tools for SugarCRM projects

Best practices in projects

Your success makes the entire difference for us. As a small and medium business owner, you need assurance of success. To spur our deliverable, we leverage the following open source applications so that we can concentrate only giving you only the best and issue free deliverable.

  • Basecamp – Project Management and tracking tool
  • SVN- Change and Version Management
  • iPMT- Milestone Management for Projects
  • myDMS- Document Management and knowledge repository
  • SugarCRM- Ticket Management for customer support

Key Ingredients for successful SugarCRM Consulting

SugarCRM needs customization for any successful implementation. This article describes a brief history of the application and reasons why it needs to be tweaked for a successful implementation.

benefit_overviewSugarCRM is a popular commercial open-source solution which has gained popularity in a short span of time. The company was formed in 2004 by Clint Oram, John Roberts and Jacob Taylor and currently has over 7000 customers and 1 million end users. Key factors in this success story have been the flexibility it offers at much reduced price and also its popular open-source version which offers all the features of an enterprise CRM application. It is also seen as an application which forms a good alternate to a pioneer in SaaS based applications.

gaps fittingFor any CRM implementation, gap identification is a key exercise. Out-of-the-box application does not suit the need of all organizations. During requirement gathering, key users view the standard functionality and come out with “no-fits”. This list of business processes which do not fit in the standard application is then detailed out and SugarCRM is customized accordingly. Usually an organization would involve external consultants who have deep understanding of CRM solution and have expertise in conducting these workshops.

key to successThe foremost reason why the tweaks are important is because it enhances the usability of the solution. This is turn, leads to higher user adoption and spreading of ownership of the solution. Workflows and Automation lead to reduced manual effort and improves the efficiency in sales and after sales areas. Ability to view analytic and helping them with the real time pipeline for next 30 days for example help the higher management to action ize and utilize the sales team in the most optimum manner. Scheduled based alerting mechanism also plays an important role in sending specific messages to the correct recipients and keeps the operational efficiency going. Integrating CRM with other applications like ERP, E-Commerce and Accounting software help the application landscape of the organization.

Summary and conclusions

Key to a successful CRM implementation is not only about maximizing the use of default features, but also how to make it work for the organization by incorporating business logic, developing customized workflows and Dashboards which can help the users interact with the customers in the most effective manner. High degree of automation and error free transactions and integration with applications help derive the maximum benefits from the application.