SugarCRM is one of the most popular customer relationship management software used by small to large size companies. Every organization has its own custom business needs, to be implemented in CRM for effective system usage. These customizations may range from field creation to very complex integration with other systems/applications. 

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Sales reps spend most of their time within CRM, a small creative implementation in themes is considered as one of the factors which help reps keep excited with the work is good to opt. It helps sales reps work effectively and that leads to an increase in revenue and profitability of the organization. In this article, we are going to see how to customize the theme in SugarCRM.

Some of the other examples where we customized SugarCRM are territory management solution. This solution helps a company to organize teams into groups. It also helps assign hierarchy to the users. Thus the access level is determined by territory and hierarchy matrix.

Another use case is SugarCRM helpdesk management. This comprehensive solution tracks service level agreements and ensures that all cases are automatically assigned along with notifications with expiring SLAs. You can explore our SugarCRM development services out here.

SugarCRM Themes

SugarCRM is one of the popular CRM platforms which gives you great scope to customize the platform according to the business need. It comes with a default theme and gives you an option to customize it that reflects your company. Customizing the theme according to business requirements will take the CRM look to the next level. Some of the theme customizations are adding custom colours, logos, and positioning of the button. 

Understanding the Theme customization in SugarCRM

 All the default themes by SugarCRM are present in the below file path location.

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To customize themes in SugarCRM we need to create a file by navigating to the below file path location.

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  • Create a file in <instance>/custom/themes/clients/base/default/variables.phpwithin this file you can denote the custom hex codes and colors you would like to use in order color, Navigation Bar, and Primary Button.

Sample code to define the custom variables and CSS.

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  • SugarCRM allows you to change the CSS  using the ‘less’ language in the below path. 
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  • SugarCRM uses the Bootstrap library, you can use Bootstrap features and create your own CSS in this file. You can also import .less file inside this file using @import.
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How to Add a logo to the login page

Below are the steps to add a company logo to the system

  • Navigate to the Admin panel  -> System -> click on System Settings.
  • Select the logo by clicking on the Choose file button.
  • Click on the save button and the logo is set.
  • The logo appears in the login page, footer, and as a browser tab icon.

Selecting log in SugarCRM system settings

Quick Repair and Rebuild

  • Once the above steps are implemented, Navigate to Administration -> System -> Repair. Click on quick repair and rebuild to build the new extensions. Refresh the page and you will find the color changes. Below is the screenshot for the same.
  • These are the changes for the header part.

Repairing and rebuild SugarCRM instance

  • These are the changes for Primary Button, Records color, and Font size.

Opportunities module view after theme update in SugarCRM

  •  Below is the login page with the logo and background colour changes.

SugarCRM login page after logo update

Advantages of Themes in SugarCRM

  • SugarCRM themes help shape the tool for your everyday needs.
  • These are very comfortable spaces for you to work in every day.
  • Keeps users excited and helps to work effectively. 
  • Makes CRM user friendly.

Sugar Theme customization makes the CRM user friendly and increases the productivity of sales reps by keeping them excited throughout the day and working effectively.

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