Dashboards are crucial for any organization to know the real-time data on the process, management, and flow of the business. Dashboard also provides a quick snapshot of the data in the form of list, chart or graphs that can be quickly analyzed to provide better business reports. Dashboards in CRM help the organization to understand the overall performance on a real-time basis by consolidating the data and giving the result which would be faster and with accurate analytics. 

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Dashboards in SuiteCRM – Introduction

By default, SuiteCRM provides dashboards using which the users can quickly know information about Leads, Accounts, Open Opportunities, Activity Stream and other daily activities like scheduled Calls and Meetings. Various dashboards can be consolidated into a single tab and multiple tabs can be created based on the user’s requirement. 

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SuiteCRM allows users to create dashboards for specific data that provide better insights on the business.

Understanding types of SuiteCRM Dashboards 

Having understood what are dashboards and how it can help, let us look at various kind of dashboards within SuiteCRM.


  • Most of the data from modules is provided in the form of a tabular list where the user can design the filter criteria for the list.  
  • Let’s say that the Sales Manager would like to track the Leads generated by his team. So he just have to create a Dashlet for Leads under Modules. 
  • To create a Dashlet follow these easy steps
    • Log in with any user. 
    • On the homepage of the user, click on the Actions then Add Dashlets 
    • Select the module (Leads) for which you want the dashlet
    • Default dashlet details for the module will appear on the homepage tab

Screenshot shows adding Dashlets in SuiteCRM

Screenshot of adding module from dash-lets

  • To modify the filters, click on the edit icon(pencil icon) on My Leads Dashlet 

Screenshot of my leads view in SuiteCRM

  • Set the configuration and Filters for the Dashlet and save 
  • Based on the Auto Refresh interval, the dashlet will be reloading the latest leads data 
  • With the implementation of Teams and Roles, the Sales Manager can view all the Leads generated from his/her team.


Screenshot of Calendar in SuiteCRM

Who doesn’t like a calendar on Home Page. It is the quickest place to know our schedules planned for next days/months and makes the necessary preparation to go everything well. User can double click on any of the date or time frame to schedule a call or meeting.

Screenshot of Schedule Meeting in SuiteCRM


  • Charts are used to provide the graphical representation of consolidated data on a high-level view where the user would like to know the overall performance of the territory or a product or Business. 
  • An organization will always would like to know the revenue that will/could be generated from different campaigns. The Leads are generated from the campaign and then are converted to Accounts/Contact/Opportunity. Based on the type of the campaign or from where the lead is generated, Leads are classified based on the Lead Source. 
  • To know the Outcome generated based on the Lead Source and the stage of the Opportunities. Tabular form will be difficult to read and understand the data. So a graph is shown which shows tidy and understandable data. 
  • To create a Chart, go to Actions from landing page and open Add Dashlets

Screenshot of Adding a chart in SuiteCRM

  • Under the Charts tab, select All Opportunities By Lead Source By Outcome. A dashboard is created on the active tab 
  • Filter and Auto-refresh intervals can be added by editing the dashlet. 
  • From the graph, we can analyze that ‘Self Generated’ lead source provides the higher outcome of winning deals and followed by ‘Other’ and ‘Cold Call’. This Graph provides a better understanding on the well-doing source and weak sources which helps the organization to improve the revenue and to get more deals. 


Tools provide a few basic application dashlets like Sugar News, Activity Stream, Invaders flash game. 

Activity Stream dashlet will show the track of the records like which user has modified the record or created a record or viewed the record.

Screenshot of Adding Tools dash-lets in SuiteCRM

Users can post their open Questions or anything that can be answered by other users of CRM. 


This dashlet provides the functionality to provide the frame for external URL. The page from the URLwill be rendered in the dashlet. 

Advantages of using Dashboards in SuiteCRM

Of course, as you would have imagined, Dashboards are immensely useful in any CRM. Listed below are the main advantages of using this tool within SuiteCRM. 

  • Real-time data can be viewed 
  • More data for reference at one place
  • Know scheduled Tasks/Calls/Meetings 
  • Quick Analysis on yearly/Half Yearly/ Quarterly Sales outcome 
  • Grouping and consolidating the data and representing the data for better business reports 
  • Keep track or to monitor the Sales Team/ Service Team on their performance 
  • To Follow up with the Leads holding top opportunities that can be closed 

Dashboards in CRM are essential for any organization to quickly analyze the data and have robust decisions that could benefit the company. The user can monitor the sale stage pipeline, Opportunities that could be closed and to know the outcome by territory.

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