Workflow functionality in SugarCRM allows administrators to configure business process automation across multiple modules to make SugarCRM work as per business rules. Workflows can be used to perform multiple tasks like updating fields, sending an email alert, creating a record while specific conditions are met. Every workflow conditions entered are validated once the record is saved and we can also set a timeline to fire workflow at an appropriate time interval.

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Workflows can be created or viewed by SugarCRM administrator user role only, a non-admin user cannot create a workflow. In this article, we are creating a workflow to trigger an email alert when a value for any field is changed in the account module record the workflow triggers an email to current logged-in users when any field value is updated.

If you have missed this tutorial, kindly check out the comprehensive explanation of how to work with advanced workflow in SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Administrator and Workflow Management

To navigate to administrator panel one should use admin login credentials for SugarCRM instance,

  • Login to SugarCRM instance
  • From the profile, drop-down click on “Admin” as shown in below screenshot

Navigating to SugarCRM admin panel

  • In Administration panel scroll-down and find  “developer tools” and click on “Workflow management” as shown below screenshot for easy navigation

Navigating to Workflow Management

  •  Click on “Workflow management” redirected  to navigate the workflow module in SugarCRM

Screenshot of workflow definition in SugarCRM

Creating a workflow definition record

  • To create a workflow record click on “Create Workflow Definition” from the drop-down of workflow module as shown in below screenshot

Creating a workflow definition record

  • Once click on “Create Workflow Definition” it will redirect to edit view of a workflow as shown in below screenshot

Edit view of workflow definition in SugarCRM

  • Now fill the required details as shown in below screenshot and click on save

Screenshot of filling the required details in workflow definition edit view

    • Name: Give user understandable name of workflow record
    • Execution occurs Select criteria for the trigger of workflow and we can also set the time delay to trigger a workflow at a particular time interval.
    • Target Module: It contains a list of a module including standard and custom, on target module workflow will fire if conditions are met
    • Status: It shows the status of workflow record Active and inactive
    • Applies to:– It provides an event of workflows like Updated records only or when a record
  • The below screenshot shows record has been saved successfully.

Screenshot of workflow record has been saved

Creating a condition in workflow record

  • Create a condition is important while creating a workflow, the created condition should be met to trigger the workflow process.
  • As shown in below screenshot click on “create” to define a condition for workflow executions.

Screenshot of creating a condition for workflow in SugarCRM

  • The following screenshot displays conditions we can define to create a workflow. It has multiple conditions we can select based on the requirement. In this, We are targeting module changes, If any changes made in accounts record it will trigger an email

screenshot displays conditions we can define to create a workflow

  • The below screenshot shows the “condition”  is created successfully

Screenshot of Created Condition for Workflow in SugarCRM

Creating an Alert in workflow record

  • Now create an alert to send an email when conditions are met workflow will fire
  • Click on “Create” as shown below in below screenshot

Screenshot of creating alert for workflow in SugarCRM

  • On click “create” button redirected to the following screen, Alert text is an email message when workflow fires, it will send the same message to the recipient and we can also build a custom email template set from source type. Fill the required details and click on save.

Screenshot of email alert in for Workflow in SugarCRM

  • The below screenshot shows the workflow record is saved, Now adding a recipient to workflow record click on create as follows

Screenshot of adding recipient for workflow alert in SugarCRM

  • In below screenshot, we are selecting “logged user” We can also send an email to a team or specified role by selecting below options

Selecting logged use for workflow fire

  • In the above screenshot, we have selected “logged-in user at the time of executions”, whenever the accounts module record is edited the workflow will fire an email to logged user. We can also specify the criteria to send email to the sales manager or any recipient email address.
  • The below screenshot show workflow is created successfully

Workflow created successfully in SugarCRM

Hope this article helpful  for creating a workflow in SugarCRM. Any comments of feedback are welcome. Following are the key benefits of implementing workflows in SugarCRM.

  • Automating business process which eliminates manual efforts.
  • Business validations to ensure that transactions happen in a controlled manner.
  • Building relevant alert mechanism to ensure agility in taking care of deviations.

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