Early marketing strategies included bombarding customers with e-mails and text messages in huge quantities which eventually started getting ignored by consumers as they grew adept at blocking them out, often unconsciously. Content Marketing has since been in the marketing sphere and has been very productive; but times are changing deliberately and content marketing is not enough anymore. Brawling through this buzz is a challenge, and to keep it straight, content marketing strategies as they once existed (based on products and sales) are rarely as effective as they once were. It is a fact that personalized content has led to deeper relationship with a brand. When it comes to capturing leads, CRM systems can be very helpful in eliminating the risks.

There has to be a perfect synchronization between the content and the audience, especially in a time when brands are becoming consumer specific. CRM system helps companies to view traction with existing customer as well as get an idea of new leads generation. CRM marketing includes a lot of social media marketing for small businesses and concentrating on inter-personal interactions with consumers.


Challenges with traditional methods

Though the traditional methods seem very convenient and they also help capturing leads to some extent but as the saying ‘Change is the only constant’, some marketing methods needed to be changed in order to bring more traction and conquer more deals. Below are mentioned some of the challenges that the traditional methods face.

  • Many strategies include just content pushing which lack vision and personal involvement with consumers.
  • Investing too much time and resources in white papers, e-books, videos, and Slides in an attempt to visualise the market and to see which one sticks. Meanwhile, much of these contents fail to engage.
  • Most of the traditional methods concentrate on one department at a time rather than building a customer centric organization.
  • Lack of regular efforts and innovative ways to bring in customers that stay and also lack making an impact in the society we live in.


How can CRM help?

CRM is being widely used in major small-scale as well as big enterprises to perform numerous tasks. Though there are numerous benefits of using CRM for marketing your product or services, we have pointed out three of its major benefits below.

  1. Creating a Customer- Centric environment in the organization

    It is very necessary that marketers create an organization centered on the customer. CRM can help customer-centric business to naturally evolve its products and marketing to meet customer needs, creating engaging stories that attracts more readers and hence consumers. It is easier to attract customers using CRM with respect to traditional methods. These help in gaining the trust of the consumers as well as the world we live in.

  2. Eliminating silos

    Nowadays most of the marketing is organized by channels, with advertising, demand generation, event marketing, social media, and branding all having their own entities. Also departments are organised or developed around customers with the three prominent areas in mind viz. data, content and technology, which can be largely achieved using CRM implementations. And while this is going on, one can forget all about company self-promotion in favor or engaging customers.

  3. Maximum returns with consistent content creation

    Typically marketing works in spurts around campaigns. Today’s marketers need to put in consistent and regular efforts rather than short bursts of intense marketing. CRM implementations can help in long term regular planned and organized marketing over a long period of time that actually will make an impact in the social systems. It is very much necessary to create a machine of regular  and consistent content creation. It is the only sustainable way to earn new customers without investing increasingly for each new one.

Technology engagements

Technology engagements

It is quite clear from the above info-graphic that in terms of Customer Retention, CRM/Sales Automation is leading by a huge volume.


Coming to the conclusion we can say that a mixture of content and contribution marketing can be the game changer in marketing your product or services. CRM is rising as the new tool for marketing as it allows regular, consisted content updating as well as allows an inter-personal interaction with the consumers which is bound to make a difference in the long run.