Business meetings play a prominent role in managing business and increasing sales. Many companies reply on Google Calendar to schedule their appointments. Ease in using the platform as well as rise reach of Android applications are the key reasons behind its increasing popularity. Integrating Google Calendar with SuiteCRM, therefore, is a crucial aspect of developing and enriching the solution.  

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In this article, we will see Google calendar sync using SuiteCRM’s inbuilt feature. For this, first we will create a  Google calendar API using Google Developers Console. SuiteCRM instance should have internet access and Google account for calendar sync. It is recommended by Google, a server should have an SSL certificate for secure integration of data between the two applications.

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The following are steps that we will see in details for integration. 

  • Steps to Navigate to Admin Panel 
  • Steps to Getting API Credentials 
  • Upload JSON file to SuiteCRM G-Suite and Authorization
  • Steps to Authorization of Google API 

Steps to Navigate to Admin Panel 

  • Navigate to Admin Panel in SuiteCRM 

Navigating to Admin panel in SuiteCRM

  • Navigate to “Google Suite.” and click on “Google Calendar Settings”  as shown in the below screenshot. 

Navigate to Google Calendar Settings in SuiteCRM

Steps to Getting API Credentials 

In this step, we will create API credentials from Google. Before creating a credential, make sure that you have sign-in to the google account. 

  • Click on the “Get API Credentials” as shown in the below screen.

Creating API credentials from Google

  • On click to  “Get API Credential,” you will be redirected to the Google Calendar API  website as shown in below screen. 
    • Here we are generating a “JSON file” for PHP instances.

Generating a “Json file” for PHP instance

  • Enable the Google Calendar for API click on “Enable the Google Calendar API” as shown in below screenshot 

Enable the Google Calendar for API

  • On click “Enable the Google Calendar API” we need to give a project name and click on next as shown below screen. 

Entering a project name Google Calendar for API

  • Now we need to provide the required details for the configuration for oAuth. 
    • Select “Web Server” from drop-down 
    • Enter the SuiteCRM instance URL and click next 
    • On click “Create” button “JSON” File will be generated.

Selecting a API type as a Web Server in Google project

  • Now click “Download click configuration” to download “Credentials.json”  file and remember the stored location of the file we need to upload this into SuiteCRM instance. 

Downloading a Google Calendar API file

Now we have successfully created a JSON file for a calendar API.

Upload JSON file to SuiteCRM G-Suite and Authorization

In the above steps, we have successfully downloaded the JSON file. Now we will see how to upload the download file to SuiteCRM instance and authorization with Google for synchronization of Google calendar. 

  • From the profile, drop-down click the on admin panel and navigate to G-Suite settings and click on “Choose File” button as shown in below screen.

Uploading Google Calendar File in SuiteCRM

  • Navigate to the file location and select the file as shown in below screenshot 

Selecting Google Calendar API file

  • As shown in the below screen file is uploaded successfully. Now click the save button to reflect the changes. 

API file is uploaded successfully in SuiteCRM

Steps to Authorize Google API 

In the above steps, we have generated an API file from Google Calendar and uploaded to the SuiteCRM instance. Now we will see how to authorize API files from Google. It is essential to have an SSL certificate to the server where SuiteCRM is installed for successful synchronization. Following are the steps for authorization of API.

  • Navigate to profile from “Admin” drop-down click on the “Profile” as shown in below screen.

Navigating to Admin panel in Profile

  • Once click on the profile you will be redirected to the “User Settings”, Now click the “Advanced.” 

User Settings panel in SuiteCRM

  • As shown in the below screenshot click checkbox to enable calendar sync and then click the “Authorize” button.

Authorize Google API in SuiteCRM

  •  Once you click on the “AUTHORIZE” you will be redirected to the authorization page and make sure you log-in to the same Google account where you generated an API file. As shown in below screen select the Google account.

Selecting Google Account for authorization

  • Grant permission to access google calendar as shown in below screenshot. 

Allowing edit access to Google Calendar API

  • Click on allow the to allow edit, share and delete access. 

Grant permission to Calendar API

  • Scheduler record is created in SuiteCRM as shown in the screenshot below. We can also change the time duration of sync. Google Calendar Sync Scheduler

Now all steps are completed on the Google calendar. You can get the information flowing automatically between the systems. 

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