In the current market there are many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application available for small and mid-scale companies. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one such platform which has picked up immensely in the last few years. It helps to automate and tightly integrate  purchasing, operations, accounting and stock management functions within the organization.

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More often than not, small and mid-scale companies want to lower their total cost of ownership. Due to this, SugarCRM is so popular in this customer segment as well. With its low subscription fees along with flexibility on deployment model, the platform is uniquely positioned with respect to its competitors. SugarCRM ultimate edition is targeted towards enterprise segment. Leading brands like Coca Cola, Apple and Reebok are using SugarCRM as well.

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MS Dynamics NAV and SugarCRM Integration

SugarCRM allows integration via REST whereas MS NAV has two integration options. The two way exchange of information with MS NAV is possible via SOAP protocol. XML exchange of information is also possible by keeping a file in required format.

In this article we are showcasing the integration between Microsoft NAV with SugarCRM. We have used a .NET application APPSeCONNECT  as our middle-ware to connect the mentioned application.We have taken below features to demonstrate the solution in the respective direction.

  1. Account and Contact Sync (NAV to SugarCRM )
  2. Account and Contact Sync (SugarCRM to NAV)
  3. Item Sync (NAV to SugarCRM)
  4. Quote Sync (SugarCRM to NAV)

Account and Contact Sync (Bi-directional Sync)

We have taken some standard field to sync the data across the application relevant from the CRM point of view. The fields are listed below. These are synced with the account and contact objects within SugarCRM. Within NAV these relate to Company and Contact entities. It may be noted that more fields can be added as needed since the middle-ware allows data definition.

  • Account Name
  • Account Email
  • Account ID (NAV ID)
  • Account Address
    • Street
    • Postal code
    • Telephone
    • State
    • Country

Item Sync (NAV – SugarCRM)

We have taken some standard field for NAV products to sync.  This information flows from NAV to Salesforce, since the ERP users define the product and their attribute and Salesperson do not have a say in the same. These fields are synced to SugarCRM product object.

  • Item Name
  • Item SKU
  • Item Price

Quote Sync (SugarCRM – NAV)

As a standard practice, Quotes generated at CRM side and sync back to ERP. We will be syncing the same. Below are the fields synchronized to quote object within SugarCRM. This information is synced with the Quote object.

  • Quote name
  • Quote validity date
  • Quote creation date
  • Quote line item consisting of product and quantity

Integrating NAV with SugarCRM helps increase sales and improve customer satisfaction without sacrificing the control.

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The need for efficient CRM and ERP Integration

If customer information is not handled efficiently, it will become the biggest hurdle in accurate forecasting, decision making and ultimately – the sales and purchase processes. Whether it’s a CRM user from sales or customer service perspective or an ERP user for billing, they all rely on accurate information on the customer and related information.

Also, if sales representative are not informed about products and their expected sales price, it may lead to erosion of margins. Certain products may be discontinued by headquarters. It is important to efficiently update CRM with the information so that the system checks and conveys the information to the relevant CRM users.

Advantage of CRM and ERP integration

  • Complete overview of Data – By efficiently integrating the applications, you will have 360 degree view of data at both the application. All business functions ranging from sales, support, operations, finance and accounting rely on same base information. These systems can provide complete visibility on your customer’s buying habits, order history and general needs.


  • Faster access of crucial data – A fully integrated CRM and ERP solution will provide employees with access to important information in real-time. With the push of a button, they can retrieve any information related to sales.


  • Improved sales cycle – It gives sales team can have enhanced visibility regarding order status updates for customers and easy access to make necessary changes if needed.


  • Increased customer satisfaction –With efficient information exchange between the applications, sales and service representatives can give precise information, save on iterations. This increases customer satisfaction and helps in retaining them.

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