SugarCRM has been popular choice in small and medium size companies. However, larger enterprises are often concerned about SugarCRM Enterprise readiness and this article showcases the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. This article brings forth the important parameters to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. The parameters which are show-cased are the ones which larger enterprises are concerned about. Of course SugarCRM can be customized and extended to meet a large variety of business needs.

SugarCRM for enterprises – Top Considerations

Enterprise need platforms which are stable, having good support and can integrated into complex IT landscape . Second in line considerations are on data security, depth in the functionality and ability to support various business partners / user groups divided by regions, countries and languages. Each of these consideration points are discussed one by one.

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Integration Capabilities

SugarCRM supports integration via API concepts of SOAP and REST, which is what most of the web applications would provide. However, SugarCRM provides many out-of-the-box API methods and covers majority of the functionality that an enterprise would need to integrate SugarCRM with ERP / E-Commerce application for example.

The list of methods is comprehensive enough however you must keep in mind that in a typical implementation you would end developing few custom APIs.

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Platform Stability

SugarCRM is in its 7th release and has come a long way in optimizing front end navigation versus application performance. The solution has been known to compatible with mySQL, Oracle and DB2 databases among others and also known to handle implementations with 67,000 users. SugarCRM provided on-premise solution and Studio to do basic customization in a secure manner.

One consideration is that if you have high volume transactions, you should have an archival policy in place at the earliest.

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SugarCRM has a strong ecosystem with over 11 million downloads, 7,000 customers,1 million users across the globe and partners in all the continents. So you have ample support anywhere you are. Thousands of add-ons are available on SugarExchange which ensure that you can upgrade with enhanced functionality with latest releases and based upon your requirements.
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Multi Lingual / Multi Currency / Functionality Depth

SugarCRM has features for multi-lingual and multi-currency set-up alongwith great basic features around Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. These functionality match those offered by competing products, though it lacks advanced functionality like Territory Management, Business intelligence and Commission calculation which are often required by enterprises. Needless to say that these needs have been long understood by SugarCRM community and plug-ins are available from SugarCRM consultants to fill these gaps and enhance the product feature to offer a complete solution.

Summary SugarCRM for Enterprises


SugarCRM has been a proven platform/application to offer services to smaller and medium players for more than 10 years. These players have adopted this to make a significant different to their operational efficiency and increase their top-line and bottom-line. It is one of the few cases where the larger enterprises are replicating the success model of smaller and medium enterprises by looking towards SugarCRM.

However SugarCRM Implementation for big enterprises is a niche markets and requires specific skill-set. These niche consultants have been evolving upon the customization services and have helped achieve good results for enterprises implementing SugarCRM.

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