SAP Business One is an ERP software tool which is designed for mid to large scale organizations. It automates various business processes and drives internal efficiency. The application is available on-premises and cloud versions and often runs on MS SQL. However, the newer installations of SAP Business One rely on SAP HANA as the database.

SuiteCRM is am open-source customer relationship management (CRM) platform which helps the organization to boost their sales revenue and maintain a healthy relationship with the customers. SuiteCRM provides email marketing, lead management, order management, workflows and many more. SuiteCRM can be customized according to the business requirement of the organization.

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However, the sales team seldom has access to SAP application. Not only does it take additional licensing but SAP is meant to be a desktop application whereas sales representatives are on the field.  Moreover, SAP is more meant for administrative functions like finance, operations and accounting.

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Hence the companies go for CRM application which are intuitive and web based. It can be used on the go and requires minimal training. SuiteCRM is one the popular CRM applications as there are no license cost involved.

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Whenever a product is launched by the company, the whole intention behind the same is to be able to sell it to the customers. Hence integrating item master from SAP to SuiteCRM becomes a crucial aspect. Automating this process makes tremendous sense as it eliminates errors and reduces manual effort.


Screenshot of Sync direction between SAP B1 to SuiteCRM

In this article, we will see the Account and Contact integration between SAP B1 and SuiteCRM using a .NET application. Following points will be discussed in this article.

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  • Product creation in SuiteCRM
  • .NET Application
  • Product creation in SAP Business one
  • These accounts will be synced to SuiteCRM

Product creation in SuiteCRM

  • Login to the SuiteCRM. This will open the Dashboard (which is shown in the below screenshot).

Screenshot of Dashboard in SuiteCRM for Product Creation

  • Now Click On Products module and click on Create button (Which is shown in below screenshot).

Screenshot of Creating Module in SuiteCRM

  • Enter the Product related information like name, description, Currency, Images, and price. Click on save button (which is shown in below screenshot).
  • Once the product is created, SAP Number is updated after syncing to SAP B1.

Screenshot of entering Product information in SuiteCRM

.NET Application

This application Acts as Bridge between these two applications. We need to configure the credentials in the .NET application. By using the web service (REST) it communicates with the SuiteCRM. With the help of DI API (DI server), It communicates with the SAP B1. Data integration is bidirectional. We need to map which fields need to synchronize between these two applications. For example when we sync the products, its description, price, SKU number and more attributes need to sync.

This application integrates the data based on periodic basis. The time interval is configured in the application depending on organizations need.

  • After successful sync, SAP number will be updated in SuiteCRM (which is shown in below screenshots).

Screenshot of SAP number is updated in SuiteCRM

  • Product is created successfully in SAP B1 (which is shown in below screenshot).

Screenshot of product is created successfully in SAP B1

Note: We have mapped the SuiteCRM Product name with Item-code in SAP.

Product creation in SAP B1

  • After login to B1 GUI Navigate to Inventory and Click on Item Master Data (which is shown in below screenshot).

Screenshot of Navigating to Inventory in SAP B1

  • Now click on the add button.

Screenshot of Saving Item Master data in SAP B1


  • Enter the Product details and Click on Add.

Screenshot of Entering product details in Item Master data

Note: We have mapped standard price-list with the price of the product in SuiteCRM. Based on organization needs we can map the required price-list.

  • After successful sync, Product is created in SuiteCRM

Screenshot of product is created in SuiteCRM

By using our .NET application, you can integrate SAP B1 with SuiteCRM. In this way, we can also integrate Account, Contact, Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice. We sincerely hope that this was useful and any comment of feedback will be very helpful.

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Business Cases for product synchronization

This specific integration helps in streamlining the flow of information between headquarters, manufacturing facility and sales representatives. let us discover the business cases which come into play.

  • New product launch –  When new product is launched, sales representatives need to be informed of the same and they would also like to know the associated selling price. Having this integration, cut downs the offline effort and communication to bring everyone to the same page.


  • Product discontinuation –  No one wants to sell the products which are discontinued. When the item is marked inactive in SAP, the same information is relayed to sales team automatically so that they are always up-to date. Not having this information on time may meaning quoting something to the customer which cannot be delivered leading to friction in the customer relationship.
  • Price revisions –  When product prices are revised by the organization, the same information needs to be synced back to the CRM platform. Any new quotations must be created with the up to date information.

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