CRM is increasingly gaining space with small and medium scale industries. With increasing clients and interaction with clients, the records of the interaction is also increasing exponentially and can cause us to lose focus on the most important of interactions. Filters is one such feature that comes to your rescue. Filters can be at different levels, global for all users, for specific users, for specific relation, when selecting a related record. 

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In this article, we are going to create a custom filter in the product record list view of the SugarCRM module, which will filter and display records based upon product active state. This example will help you understand the use case of this concept even better. 

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SugarCRM is one of the world’s largest CRM (customer relationship management) software used from small to midsize business organizations to maintain company’s interaction with current and potential customers with full pre- sales and post sales cycles. It comes with great scope to customize the platform according to the business needs. Making best out of it for the users will increase their productivity and that leads to increase in the revenue and profitability for  the organization.

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Filters in SugarCRM

Filters  are drop-downs where you search for a marginal list view, it allows you to group the records and be used to filter the records in list views and to configure the dashboard widgets. Use filters to show the list of the records you want to view from modules from SugarCRM, based on the selected drop-down value in the list view. 

Below are the steps to create a custom filter in record view.

  • Step 1: Creating a field in the studio for the selected module(product catalog).
  • Step 2: Quick Repair and Rebuild and refresh the page
  • Step 3: Add a sample code for declaring the filter in SugarCRM.
  • Step 4: Defining Button Label.
  • Step 5: Selecting the filter from drop-down list.

Defining Filters in SugarCRM:

  • Create a Field Active in Admin > Studio > Product Catalog with Datatype as Multi-select.
  • Click on save the field is as set as a filter.

Defining Filters in SugarCRM

Sample code for creating custom filters

For declaring Active Filter in the base, create a php file with the following code at the below path.


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  • Now we need to give a display label for our template we have created in the above code.To do this add a new file in the following path with the below code.
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  • Now navigate to Admin > Repair and click “Quick Repair and Rebuild”. This will rebuild the extensions and make the initial filter available for users when selecting active filters for the product catalog.

Creating Filters in SugarCRM:

  • Navigate to  Admin > Product Catalog enables you to check the filters in the product catalog.

Navigate to Product Catalog in SugarCRM

  • If you want to see all your filters located in a product catalog,  in SugarCRM, you would want to create a filter. Click “Create” to create a custom filter. Once you do, the box is opened shown in the below screenshot.
  • This will include all the fields your Sugar Admin has deemed “searchable”. Choose the field you want to search from the dropdown list.

Navigate to Active products from the drop-down in SugarCRM

  • where it shows all the active products for the products catalogs is shown in the below screenshot .
  • Where users can give more filters at a time and see the records.

Product Catalog list view in SugarCRM

  • Where given filters can be saved as naming in the ‘enter new filter name’ and click on save.
  • Where users can export the products easily for selected data.

Advantages of Adding Custom Filters:

  1. Custom filters are  specific to business use
  2. Easily Scalable
  3. Showing all the products with a selected filter in SugarCRM.
  4. Any user can easily create and save filters.
  5. Users no need to spend time on filtering the records it shows by one click on the selected filter in search.
  6. New products are easily added into with given filters. 

Custom filters in CRM  is an effective way to create filters in an easy way and can see new products in the list view related to the filters for business purposes held between your organization and your customers.

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