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Magento Push Notifier.

One of the most crucial aspect of running an online store is to have order information quickly transmitted to the information technology (IT) landscape of the company. This not only ensures quick and accurate processing of order but also helps to increase the customer satisfaction score. If you have a middle-ware which runs scheduled based order synchronization or you have set up crons to pull information from Magento, the Magento Push Notifier is going to improve your integration by feeding information to the destination system whenever an order gets created in Magento.

Configuration and Screenshots.

Magento Order push notifier is easy and quick to deploy. Its real time data interfacing capability to configured destination can mean up-to date information across your applications

Configuring the Magento Push Notifier

#1. Enabling the Solution.

Magento Push Notifier can be easily installed from admin panel of Magento. Once it is installed go to Configuration ->VEON ->Order Configuration and enable the solution by selecting the checkbox and putting in the destination where you would want the XML to be pushed.

#2. Configuring Access .

Go to Configuration ->VEON ->Data Configuration and provider a Magento back end credentials which the solution will use to retrieve information from Magento. Please note that the push notifier gets all the order related information from standard and custom attributes of Orders and Customers.

Credentials for transmitting data
XML Samples for Customer and Orders

#3. XML Posting .

Once the solution is configured, it posts the data to the target system. The sample XML file is shown in the picture. If you want to see the full XML please reach out to us.


The solution uses a event based logic to transmit data to the destination. The entire cycle happens real time with no information lag. This is explained in the diagram on the right.

Architecture Banner Image Magento Push Notification - Architecture


Have questions about how the solution work? No problem, read the information provided below to see whether we have an answer already in our FAQ section.

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Magento Push Notifier captures the event at which you need to trigger an outbound XML to other applications which has dependent process based on this information. The solution eliminates the need of schedule based sync and provides a real time exchange of information.

Yes, the solution passes custom Magento attributes along with the standard ones.

The solution works for Magento 2.x. For Magento 1.9x you need to contact us separately with your version details.

Magento Push Notifier passes Order and Customers. As soon as an order is placed, it is sent to the destination configured in the solution. It also passes the customer information as soon as the customer places an order. This is done to avoid spamming of new registrations.

Usually, the XML is sent over port 8080. This can however be configured.

Magento push notifier can be used on Magento 2.0 (for Magento 1.9x please contact us separately). The destination URL must be accessible from Magento server. Kindly note that the pushing of information happens asynchronously. Hence Magento’s performance does not degrade due to the same.

No. As mentioned the information sync happens asynchronously. Hence, there are no performance impact on Magento instance.

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