Every organization, would like to get customer’s feedback on their products and services. Even better, if they can have the customers rate their experience on a scale of 1- 10. Some of the customers may want to pass on a comment justifying their rating. All these inputs, can help the organization take concrete steps in improving customer experience by addressing concerns, if any by either adjusting product attributes or fine tuning the service offerings.

SugarCRM provides the option to manage and track all this information with the help of campaigning, calls, ticketing system. Let us see below, you can can design the customer experience solution on top of SugarCRM.

What are surveys and how to get customers to participate 

Marketing survey is a process which gives information about customer feedback about your products or services. This research result plays a vital role in the growth graph of your organization. Following are some of the reasons why you would want to get a survey done.

  • Gets you a feedback on product quality and issues experienced by users.
  • Loopholes of your product if it has any which led to developing a patch for the existing one.
  • Gathering ideas on customer requirements based on the previous experience.
  • Estimate the investment value based on the customer’s review.
  • Approximate return on investment for the new product.
  • Compare with the other competitor based on the product features.

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How to drive customer participation – As a rule of thumb, you cannot expect more than 1% of your customers to leave a feedback. However, there are various ways to entice a customer to participate in the feedback process. Lets look at some of them.

a. Automatic email after customer support call

Many service companies, would leave an email as soon as you are done with call with customer support professional. This link could contain 5-10 parameters based on which you can rate your experience.

b. Call routed to IVR

In many cases, the call with customer care are routed to an IVR system which then captures the feedback from the customer then and there. In this case there are no delays in getting the feedback, though the callers have to be on the call a little longer.

c. Offers and Jackpot

Some of the companies, provide freebies to the customers participating in the survey. One of the popular companies doing this is Bank of America which offers select customers to join their advisory panel. In returns they are eligible to enter a draw for a $1,000 Visa card.

Marketing Surveys within SugarCRM 

SugarCRM provides few modules by default which will help you to tackle customer feedback, reviews, and suggestions. They are listed below.

Calls SugarCRM provides Call module which allows the users to log a call and gather all the information. The user can call any customer and get information about how the product can purchase, installed, and can ask queries related to the product. Once the call is over, the user can log minutes as a “Note” and relate that call to the customer. It helps the organization to review the call logs.

Feedback email and SMS campaign Regular feedback campaigning can be done to get the feedback from the customer so that they can provide honest feedback about the product as the mail or SMS is received directly from the company and not from the others.

Ticketing System Customer can raise their concern regarding the product. They can send their concern to a specific email address which will be attached to the ticketing system. With the inbound email retrieving process, SugarCRM creates a ticket in CRM and assigned it to any support person based upon the support team availability. This helps to gather all the issues related to your existing products. Read about our comprehensive ticket management solution over SugarCRM.

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Reports SugarCRM provides flexible reporting tool which will allow the users to generate any report based upon fields available for that module. Having this report feature, users can filter the feedback received from the customer and analyze it.

Advantages of managing Marketing Surveys within SugarCRM

Since all the customer information reside within SugarCRM, it makes sense to execute surveys from the application. In some cases, external applications like Survey Monkey can be used in an integrated fashion along with SugarCRM.  Having all the information within SugarCRM can help you

  • Improve customer relations by regularly keeping in contact with customers and providing service support.
  • Up-sells and cross sells can be increased by campaigning on the related products.
  • Optimize marketing based upon categorizing customers and target not only the existing customers but also the leads.
  • Improved analytical data and reporting by viewing the charts and reports which will generate by the customer activities.

Evaluating SugarCRM for your business – We can help

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