This article presents easy steps you can take to ensure success of your Customer Relationship Management initiative. There is a popular belief is that you need to spend on getting an expensive software to have your CRM program a success. However studies show that its more to do with user adoption than the software itself.


Try these four simple steps to get maximum Returns on your CRM Implementation.

The below info-graphics shows the simple and easy 4 steps which you can take to ensure an overall success in your CRM initiative. Each of these steps and their relevance has been discussed in details below.

CRM - Maximize ROI



Understanding the mentioned steps in details

I am sure you would have understood the mentioned points as shown above. However to elaborate on the points a bit further, they have been discussed in details below.

Involve your end users and increase user adoption

You can have the best of CRM software in the world but if the users are not moving to the platform, its not of much value. The best way to involve end users is to engage them at the time of designing the application. If you take their inputs they feel the ownership of the entire solution.

Save on Product Cost Spend on Customization

The product license fees is charged for using the base solution which is defined for a typical company. Once you implement an application for yourself you would want to modify it as per your requirements. The key is that making the CRM work for you is the best investment. Using open source solution like SugarCRM helps you save product cost entirely. The savings can be put into implementation.

Focus on Automation

Manual work is error prone and inefficient. Automating triggers and alerts can help your team remain always on their best. Implementing workflows help you automate the processes thus leading to savings as well as greater efficiency.

Have your systems integrated

You may have multiple systems in your company. The best way is to integrate the applications so that they can exchange data and remain synchronized. This reduces duplication and ensures a single version of truth always.



Key takeaways

Following are the points which this article lays stress upon. Most of these points are relevant to Small and Medium Enterprises or companies which are interested in solutions which are cost effective.

Go Open Source – Reduce / Eliminate license cost

Best choice for SMEs is open source platform. This is so because it is cost effective and yet you can get tremendous support from community of developers associated with the platform.


Involve your End Users

Ask yourself who are my CRM end users? What are features they would like to enjoy? What drives them to use the application. More you think about them and involve them, more likely you are to succeed.


Ensure a Quality Implementation

Design and implement a solution which you would like to use for years. Hence think long term and attempt on having a solid quality implementation done. You can engage good consultants from offshore who can do a good job. However you must spend some time in ensure that you have the right ones on board.


No Cutting Corners in Automation and Integration

Remember that automation and integration are one time expense but they generate ongoing savings. This is not an area where you should attempt to save. The savings of manual effort for 1 year will easily outweigh your upfront cost.



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