I have never met a salesperson who likes punching in his daily activities in a CRM application. On the other hand, every management team member wants to be on top of the pipelines and sales activity updated to the minute. CRM mobility solutions which can help CRM application become responsive on mobile devices is one way to bridge this conflict. While it is amazing what you can achieve with a mobile app or a responsive application, it is seldom that you can come out with all the requirement in one shot.  Hence, like other engagement CRM development engagements, the CRM mobility solution must also evolve over time. This article highlights what you can achieve by going in for such a solution.

3 Ways in which headquarters can gain from CRM implementation


Straightforward isn’t it? Lets list out the reasons why enterprises must implement mobility solution for their sales personnel.  Some of them are obvious, however, others are something which companies don’t realize in the first go.

Top reasons why top management would want sales team to use a mobility solution


i. Better Control and Visibility

Sales team contribute a major portion of expenditure for the organization and you would want  a better control and track them. It may be noted that  tracking the performance must be at a granularity level which is appropriate depending on that nature of your business and experience levels / seniority level of the sales staff. Moreover, you may have a hard working and performing sales person in a remote location. Bring better visibility helps in recognition and rejuvenated morale of the entire team.

ii. Optimized Coverage

Is the strength of your team optimized as per geography? You may have North as your leading revenue generation territory, however it may be so that the coverage in West has been historically poor, even though there are many potential leads generated which cannot be served by handful of team members located there.

iii. Better Collaboration

As an area sales manager, knowing where your team members are, doesn’t only give you a control over them, but also an opportunity to collaborate with them and get better results. For instance, he may be visiting a customer whom you know is agitated due to late delivery of his previous orders. As a senior you can personally call up your team member when he is at customer’s premises and personally talk to him and let him know of steps that you will take in future. Also you may talk to another customer and request him to clear his outstanding payments.

Why should Sales team use the application

No one wants to be tracked. Therefore management may have an initial hurdle to get sales team on to the application. Dealing with emotions and bringing out the following ways in which technology genuinely helps them can go to an extent to convince them.

i. More time for field and little to no offline reporting

Getting that extra hour for field work and working towards the monthly target means a lot to me if I were a sales person. Also it means that I no longer need to fill in an excels or web forms and record my activities.

ii. Auto approved Activities

Activities are auto-approved based on location and they need not be manually done by superiors. More often in the latter case explanations are asked which can be totally avoided.

Critical Success Factors

As mentioned earlier, the whole objective is to reduce the conflict between expectation of top management versus do freedom enjoyed by sales team.

  • The first critical success factor to increase adoption is to make the team feel that its an effort which gives a win-win solution for the company.
  • The next step is to have KPIs built into the CRM application in such a way that the performance of sales people can be tracked in a transparent manner.
  • As mentioned earlier the solution must evolve with the needs of the organization making it easier to use and more effective for the company.


It must be noted that the solution is not only intended for bigger organizations but also also the smaller companies which have mobile sales staff spread across location. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed bringing to you. Please feel free to comment and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.