Project Description

SugarCRM Integration with .NET Order Management System Industry – Supply Chain

Mentor Media is a Singapore based organization dealing in supply chain management and media distribution. It has its network in multiple countries spread across USA, South East Asia and Mexico. The company engaged Veon for its Order fulfillment requirements around which it had a legacy system built on a .NET platform. The organization wanted to implement a full fledged web based CRM application which could give them a 360° view of their customers, manage their campaigns and handle process automation.

Another key business objective was also to bring all business partners into a unified application so as to have a single version of truth. These included customers as well as vendors. The challenge however was that .NET application had many interface with other solutions and hence it was costly to replace it completely. Therefore SugarCRM was required to be the application for the business partners with close integration to the in-house ordering solution.

SugarCRM – Order management for Singapore based Distribution Company

Business needs

business needsThe company is into distribution of electronic hardware and digital infrastructure related products. It has many suppliers and customers which are connected to each other in the global distribution chain. However lack of information across parties lead to inefficiencies delays and dispute. Mentor media wanted to implement a web based solution which could help eliminate these lags and garner trust from various business partners. The incumbent solution though robust, could not be exposed on the web and help bridge the information gap.

Solution Implemented

Veon executed the work from its offshore delivery center in India. It leveraged its core functional as well as technical skills to exceed the expectation of the client. The following were the key features of this integration project.

Integrating Touch points with the Order Management Solution

Key entities were integrated using SOAP data exchange in a XML format with the OMS. The integration included the following key aspects.

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A. Customer Data Syncronization

This was a uni-directional synchronization from OMS to SugarCRM.

B. Product Information

This was also taken from OMS and feeded into SugarCRM. Creation and editing of products was disabled using role management

C. Pricing Information

The prices were taken from OMS. There were customer specific prices and frequent changes to them as well.

D. Order Synchronization

The orders were synced in a bi-directional manner. The orders which were created in SugarCRM was pushed to OMS. New orders directly created in OMS were pulled into SugarCRM as well. This was so because the end customer wanted to see all his orders.

E. Order Status Information

The status of the orders as well as the changes which were done along with timestamp was stored so that one could know the current status as well as look at the history.

F. Payment Information

The order payment status were also tracked and shown. This was specially useful for the vendors so that they could know the status of payments.

G. Dashboards and Alerts

Apart from this Veon was instrumental in developing Dashboards and Alerts to streamline the activities in the supply chain.

Business Benefits

business benefitsThe solution implemented had a huge impact on the way business was being done. It helped by becoming the backbone of operations for the entire global supply distribution mechanism. Apart from bringing in the visibility in the value chain, it also helped the respective parties to view the latest updates in a single place as well as help them prioritize the actionable assigned for them. One on hand it created happy customers as their orders were tracked neatly. On the other, vendors were happy since it helped them get their payment on time and reduce the customer support effort. Some of the key business benefits are listed below:

a. 21% reduction in Inventory Levels

Since the solution brought a real time visibility into the channel, this led to reduced inventory levels and much better coordination among the partners.

b. 28% Reduction in Disputes

It was possible to track orders and the shipments in a single place without making phone calls or sending over emails before waiting to be replied the next day. The entire detail was available in the application.

c. Higher satisfaction

Both the upstream and downstream partners of Mentor media were satisfied with the solution as it helped them in creating a chain which could get orders executed faster as well as money realized without delays.