Project Description

SugarCRM Order Management System Industry – Luxury Goods

Anachini is a US based distributor of textile and antique products meant for enhanced luxury. The business is divided into e-commerce, hospitality, fabrics and media and locations of the store are Los Angeles, New York and Florida. A . NET based custom application was implemented however, a robust and scalable order management solution was needed.This involved implementation of the platform and elaborate customization to SugarCRM instance and the key was to achieve this within short period of time and with zero downtime.

The need for SugarCRM Order Management Solution

Anachini was running on a custom .NET application for its order to cash function and wanted to replace it with SugarCRM. The reason behind this to have a web based solution which could meet the evolving needs of the company. The application had functionality to manage product lines, manage real time inventory levels and also to manage supply chain management operations. The project required integration with carrier / logistics management companies with a consignment tracking facility.

OMS - Three Pillars

Approach and Solution Implemented for Anachini

Solution Implemented for AnachiniVeon carried out a detailed analysis of the incumbent solution at the company and the pain points with the solution. Apart from that the consultants analyzed the wish list after talking to a width of business users. The findings were presented to the client with our recommendation. A classification of the immediate and nice to haves helped the client make decision. Enough stress was also laid on the migration strategy to ensure that no data is lost during the transition.

The solution implemented for Anachini involved implementing SugarCRM had the following features

1.Developing custom modules to manage products and inventory levels according to detailed classification maintained the by client.


2. Developing multiple order types to represent custom business validations and checks with respect to the field.


3. Developing an advanced availability check to ensure that stock levels are checked in a way that the user is alerted about the availability in the nearest storage location. This also helped the sales executive taking orders to promises a more thorough delivery date. This feature enhanced the customer satisfaction in a very prominent way.


4. If the stock wasn’t available, in certain cases the client agreed for a backordering process which helped the company enhance sales and reduce customer attrition.


5. The solution implemented also took care of order cancellation process along with capturing of reasons and related analytic.


6. The solution also helped in tracking of orders and the related shipments. In certain cases there were multiple shipments for the same order.  This was also integrated with Carrier which allowed real time tracking of shipments


7. Complex reporting solution was implemented on top of the solution. The reports helped in managing day to day operations like stock levels, order fulfillment and also helped in giving deeper insights into the order to cash process.


8. Multiple Schedulers automated the process and business operations by sending triggers and creating actionable to ensure an efficient process. 

Migration and Ensuring Zero down Time

No DowntimeVeon put a detailed migration strategy in place to ensure that there was no down-time required and the transition from legacy .Net application to SugarCRM was smooth and spontaneous. Several steps were built into the methodology like dry-runs, detailing out the cut-over plan and training of users. Migration utility scanned and merged duplicate records. Junk data was also eliminated and clean system was in place over the weekend.

Business Benefits

Leveraging the web architecture of the platform, the company was able to get the following business benefits and ensure a high return on the solution.

1. Prevent Loss of Sales – Due to lack of clarity on inventory as well as no functionality of back ordering, the company lost a lot of money.

2. Improved customer satisfaction – The company personnel were able to answer customers questions in an informed manner and provide latest update on their orders, even though the operations were spread geographically.

3. Higher repeat order – The company was able to garner higher repeat order due to targeted campaigns and better understanding of customer’s behavior.

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