Project Description

SugarCRM Call Centre Integration for a Infrastructure Company


RVR Infrastructure is in the business of providing high speed cable network and cable TV to its customers. The company is one of leading players in South Asia and has seen transformation of a traditional business into cutting edge service provider in hi-tech and digital media services. The management of the company has also transitioned to the next generation so that they can accelerate the growth of the organization specially in the new offerings.The company chose to implement customized solution on top of SugarCRM for maximizing business benefits primarily due to large field staff and also due to moderate budget. It chose Veon to develop the solution on the platform after a stringent vendor evaluation cycle.

SugarCRM Salesforce automation and Help Desk management for Asia based ISP and Cable Network provider

The new management wanted to implement the most promising and dynamic solution which can address the following concerns of the organization. Also Agile methodology was a mandate from the client to achieve business results in a much more meaningful and long term manner.

Business Needs and Challenges

The business needs were classified into the following sub-categories and all of them were equally important for the organization. They comprised of entire business cycle facing the customer.

A. Salesforce Automation

The new connection requests were assigned manually. It used to take much larger time to respond to the customer. This lead to many prospects moving to a different provider in the meanwhile. The field activities and outcome of meetings specially related to B2B customers was difficult to monitor without having a solid application to support these functions. Commission payment calculation was also a problem due to multiple salesperson claim credit for a closed deal.

B. Help Desk Management

The industry is characterized by high attrition rate and hence customer service becomes and important part of solution. The call center was highly inefficient and customers had to wait in the queue due to high volume of calls. The support requests were managed in MS-EXCEL and it was very inefficient as well. Due to this attrition levels were as high as 35% year on year. This created a huge pressure on sales team to ensure there is net addition to subscriber base.

C. Subscriptions and Collection Management

At any point of time there was a high value of receivables due to be collected from the customers. This created an immense financial burden on the company. It was needed to get the collections streamlined so that company could reinvest in multiple corridors and aim at growth.

Solution Implemented and Business Benefits attained

Veon’s solution was to implement SugarCRM modules to take care of sales force automation requirements of the customer.  Veon integrated Asterisk for inbound and outbound call integration and Google maps to help track assets and customers queries.  Also by Dim Dim integration the customer care staff was able to see live desktop of customers and resolve issue quickly.

Business Benefits

The following were the key business benefits which were derived from the solution.

Better Sales Force Tracking

The solution ensured that every new customer was attended to in a timely and effective manner.

IVR Integration for Call Center

The solution implemented was integrated with Asterisk this helped the customer support function to call and receive inbound call. IVR was also implemented to redirect the call to right department within customer support.

Drop in Customer Attrition

Customer issues were automatically assigned to least loaded qualified person for the issue. The issue resolution time decreased by as much as 50% for known issues by using DimDim integration and also by using knowledge base for known issues

Asset tracking

The solution enabled the customer to track each asset and their manufacturer and their physical location. Any failure to the device sent an automatic message to affected customers. Also the physical locations of various assets were available to be seen by integrating the solution with Google maps.

Effective Business Reporting

Higher management received reports on their mailbox on sales force activity and customer issues attended to by the team the previous day.