Project Description

Platinum One aspires to be the best in class service provider of auxiliary services for Life Insurance companies in India. Their principals rely on their domain knowledge, process effectiveness and integrity while focusing on their core competencies.

The company was looking for a customized CRM software solution which could meet the growing needs of the company as well as remain economical yet efficient. The application was supposed to handle efficient outbound calling function. Also since the workforce comprised of young team members, it must be user friendly and easy to operate.

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Customer relationship management for Call Center operations – Business Requirements

Platinum One is using Excel Sheet to maintain the verification process, Needs automation to expedite the turnaround time of the process.  The project is intended to have a customized CRM application focused on lead collection from the channel.

  1. Predictive Dialing from CRM 

    It is mandatory to reach out to maximum number of people in a short interval of time. Based on the outcome of the call, the dialer must be integrated with customer list in the database. Quick transfer of call to the agent is mandatory to keep resource utilization.

  2. Outcome Management

    On setting up of appointment or field meetings, the information has to be transferred quickly to the salespeople in the field. Thus it was needed that once an agent meets a prospects, the outcome must be quickly known across the teams. On the contrary, if a meeting was scheduled by the call center team member, it should immediately reflect in the calendar of the field staff.

Cyclic renewal

The cyclic businesses must be managed in the most meticulous manner. Automatic follow-ups need to be created before expiry of current contract / policies.

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Solution implemented on SugarCRM for Call Center

Veon Consulting Pvt. Limited partnered with Platinum One for this engagement. The services rendered were SugarCRM Dialer Integration, SugarCRM customization and schedulers for alerting and automating business processes.The solution covered the following points.

  1. Predictive Dialer integration with SugarCRM – The solution with integrated with Asterisk based predictive dialer.
  2. Reporting Levels and Data Access were set up for Users. It helped in restricted access as per the role of the user within the CRM application.
  3. Scheduling – The channel partners has to be called according to a predefined frequency. The CRM displayed the list of channel partners who need to be called for the day.
  4. Lead Recording – The channel provided leads of prospects who may be interested in purchasing health insurance. The leads were recorded and passed to the sales field.
  5. Query Resolution – Queries regarding the leads and new products as well as their payments were recorded in the CRM. A complete 360 degree view of the prospects was maintained.
  6. Data Updates – New as well as updated data regarding sales was uploaded and downloaded from the CRM application.
  7. Better collaboration and team work – The CRM application helped improve the coordination among the team members. It helped them get immediate data access and enabled them to concentrate on records which would lead to favorable outcome.
  8. Reports and Dashboard – Regular scheduled based MIS as well to-do dashboard was made available to streamline follow-ups and build efficiency at all levels.This covered calls pending and status wise number of calls.

The results of SugarCRM implementation

The solution gave a quick return on investment for Platinum One. It helped streamline the call center operations and keep a tab on key operation indices like lead generation rate, number of calls made per day per agent and repeat business ratio by cyclic renewal. Overall as much as 21% increase in revenue was attributed to the CRM implementation.

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