Project Description

SugarCRM Salesforce Automation Industry – Health Care & Nutrition

MEND stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it!. Mend Central is an enterprise dedicated to reducing global overweight and obesity levels. Mend also conducts seminar and health training programs. The business process involves an intense sales cycle followed up with detailed registration and workflows for efficient transaction.

The company was looking at migrating from to SugarCRM to save cost and improve flexibility. The company is head quartered in London, UK.

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Business Problems

Mend wanted a sales force automation system to manage the entire sales cycle for the organization. Mend was earlier on and wanted to reduce IT cost. Mend had many manual touch points in the sales cycle due to which there was a long lead time in closure of deals.

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The customized solution on was not matching up to the expectations of the organization and they wanted a more flexible and affordable system which could accelerate their growth.

Solution Implemented

Veon leveraged the application outsourcing methodology in the engagement for Mend Central. The project had the following major features which were implemented.

A. Customized SugarCRM Community Edition

Since custom developments were done in, SugarCRM was enhanced to meet the business expectations of the customer. The pain points in Salesforce was also addressed by having customized business rules implemented in the solution.

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B. Data Migration from

Talend was leveraged to extract transform and load the data into SugarCRM. Mock runs were executed with business validation to ensure the completeness of data as well as consistency. The entire project was executed in a manner so that there is absolutely zero business downtime for the customer.

C. Value added Automation

The project involved mail merge and complex workflow implementations which involved rigorous coding. Certain areas like automatic lead assignment based on multiple factors, form and report generation were developed as they were not there in community edition.Business process automation was also achieved using schedule and event based schedulers triggers for which were defined as per the business flow.

D. Territory Management with Hierarchical Sales Team Structure

The solution also took care of setting up the access levels to data set based on sales team structure and hierarchy of the logged in user for better tracking of leads and pursuits.

E. Customized Reports

Reports were built into SugarCRM using ZuckerReports extension. It helped the organization monitor their crucial KPIs. Dashboards were implemented which gave the users complete idea on the action items for the day.

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Business Benefits

The organization had following business advantages after migrating to SugarCRM which was then open source application.

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  • MEND was not only able to save recurring license fees which helped them onboard many internal as well as external business partners within a single platform without substantial increase in operation cost. It also helped less coordination and offline communication as entire organization was referring to the same data set.
  • Due to customization within SugarCRM, the organization it could finally build a CRM application working as per their needs leaving scope for further adaptions as required.
  • Business process automation helped reduce operational lags and lead times. It was able to drive the user adoption due to high level of automation which helped keep the business process efficient and streamlined.
  • Due to easy customized dashboards, the users were able to quickly refer to their open items for the day and get them sorted out. The CRM platform became a medium for collaboration with other team members and shortened the business cycle times.
  • CRM also had time and scheduled based workflows which kept system checks and balances in place.
  • The territory management solution also helped the company use same instance of SugarCRM for multiple divisions without having to worry about data confidentiality.

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