Project Description

Cordys (now OpenText) is a leading Business process management solution provider. The company was founded by legendary Jaan Baan and provides a unified web based view of entire business along with ability to modify develop and integrate the business processes. The solutions are cost effective and futuristic. It was looking at centralizing all the IT function from its offshore center in India. SugarCRM had been developed extensively and was being used for salesforce automation and to track the funnel.

The solution also needed to be enhanced to reflect the ground reality as the company spread operations in multiple European markets. They wanted to formulate an end to end process for the same keeping best practices in mind.


Business Background to Cordys’ Salesforce Automation 

Cordys has implemented SugarCRM professional 5.1 in its own server at Netherlands. This solution has already been rolled out in EMEA and subsequent roll-out in USA is expected to get started early next year. Subsequent acquisitions of companies have led to a need of migrating the sales force operations to a common Sugar based platform from varied heterogeneous platforms like SalesLogic and

Cordys has taken a stand to centralize the further roll-outs and support of existing live markets from the development and research center in Hyderabad.  They wanted their people fully equipped with the knowledge of SugarCRM. Getting trained in a professional way was their main concern.

 Approach / Business Solutions Implemented

When we approached Cordys, we found a huge difference in knowledge between onsite and offshore counterparts. This lead to issues in kick starting the transition without impacting the existing developments and integration work lined up.

Given the above fact, the following steps were put into place

  1. Comprehensive training to requisite stakeholders :

    We engaged with process owners and in-house team to train them on various aspects of the application right from functional business flows to understanding the rich administration features which SugarCRM provides. A key challenge was to also document the existing customization done by third party solution provider.

  2. Putting up the best practices and road-map for further enhancements:

    It was crucial to also transition the open developments to offshore location. We helped the team understand solution implications item-wise so that they can understand the impact on the solution going forward.

  3. Integration with in house Document Management Solution:

    Cordys also engaged us for further customization in SugarCRM which included integration with their own application development platform and also Document Management System Solution. This required work on SOAP and REST APIs.


Veon helped in establishing the following aspects of how SugarCRM was being managed at CORDYS. Each of this measure helped in a big way to increase operational efficiency and also ensure the longevity of the application specially due to fast growth of the company.

  • Putting in Release Management

Since the application is being used in many countries, multiple requirement arise from various business units. We helped the company establish a robust release management mechanism to ensure that future requirements can be met in a realistic manner without impacting other markets in a negative manner.

  • Define a SugarCRM Template

We helped in establishing a template for which could be used by any new market without involving a detailed roll out process. The template involved quick setup and training mechanism to on-board a new geography.

  • Integrated and more efficient Application

With integration to the in house state of the art application, the operations were further streamlined and the entire team was able to work with a higher degree of coordination among themselves.

  • Contributing towards a more efficient delivery center

The team at offshore was able to handle the arising requirements with our assistance for the arising business needs. Certain advanced requirement which involve automation using CORDYS’ platform were mutually designed by both the team. This helped in enrichment of the platform and making it far more flexible to handle changes going forward.

Other Benefits

With the above initiatives Cordys was not only able to transition knowledge at offshore, but was also able to integrate SugarCRM with their platform. Following are the salient benefits derived by the organization

  • Internal processes were set up to form as a guideline on how the releases as well as roll-out of the platform were planned in the coming period. This calendar helped in eliminating friction between business units as well as streamlining the business expectations.
  • Processes for better regression testing were set-up to ensure that with new markets going live, the old geographies were not impacted in an adverse manner.
  • Better integration and efficient SugarCRM application as it could talk to the other applications within the IT landscape of the company.
  • Better support levels to the end users (primarily the sales team in Europe) for their day to day issues while using the application.