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SugarCRM Upgrade & Customization Industry – Event Management

Not many event management companies have realized the full potential of a tailored customer relationship management solution. However JCP , Norway’s popular event management company which had been using a basic SugarCRM solution to manage customers and freelancers who coordinate with the company to make the events successful and  manage various aspects of organizing events.

Partnering with us, JCP realized the full potential of a customized SugarCRM based solution. It currently forms the backbone of the company and associated partners and freelancers. Not only it manages the history of the customers and event related task but also goes a long way in ensuring participation and contributing to a healthy targeted campaign and  bottom line for forthcoming events.

JCP Events SugarCRM upgrade requirements

Norwegian Event Management Company- SugarCRM Upgrade and Customization

Business Requirements

business needsJCP was using  SugarCRM 4.5 for managing the database of stakeholders and audience and running Email / SMS based campaigns.The company chose us to upgrade and customize their existing SugarCRM instance. This was a crucial since the customized version was very old and many key features and bug fixes were yet to be done in that version.

JCP wanted to upgrade to latest version of SugarCRM that is 6.0 from its current SugarCRM Version. This was to leverage the new features and user friendly user interface of SugarCRM 6.0. The organization also wanted to run complex duplicity based on a complex algorithm which was based on multiple attributes of stakeholders and audience respectively.

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Solution Approach

The following approach was taken for this project in order to have faster upgrades and zero down time towards upgrading to the latest version of SugarCRM along with fixing the business pain points along-way.

A. Running the SugarCRM Upgrade Tool (in-house developed)

There were no prior project documentation for development done. To identify the same, the tool was run and it identified the custom files and database schema changes done in the previous implementation.

B. Identification of duplicate data

The database was fed to Talend (Open-Source ETL Tool) where duplicity checks were set up. The check led to removal of approximately 15% duplicate information. Transactions which we were not required as per business rule were archived from the system.

C. Migration of changes to the fresh instance.

Enhanced workflows and schedulers were newly defined in SugarCRM. Data was migrated along with customization to SugarCRM 6.0. The new environment was user friendly and also key transactions were approximately 30-40% faster than earlier due to archival and duplicity elimination.

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Business Benefits

Many security issues were addressed as part of the upgrade process. Some of them were serious threats as well. The following were the business benefits arising out the implementation

JCP Events Upgrade Business Benefits

a. Better Coordination

The application put in a better coordination for the events with all the parties getting their information in a single system. This helped reduce frictions and save overall planning time by as much as 23%. This was done with revising the custom integration done in the platform and optimizing the same to handle transaction volume.

b. Targeted campaign for better ROI

The customer relationship management solution went about profiling the customers by recording their preference and past participation. This helped the company send targeted campaigns to the customers who were more likely to participate. This helped reduce cost and increase ROI of the campaigns by as much as 28%.

c. Higher Automation via Workflows 

With better dependency management and automated workflows to trigger notifications based on certain event or time schedule, the company was able to reduce bottlenecks and work towards a quicker operation, thus reducing associated cost like inventory and leased items. New features in SugarCRM were used to eliminate previous customization.

d. Efficient UI and Bug fixes

Many known security issues and know fixes were resolved automatically due to upgrade. The SugarCRM 6.x version had marked improvement over previous versions as far as user interface was concerned thus helping in making user experience better.The much improved dashlets and dashboards helped the team keep track of their open items.

e. Better documented and Upgrade Safe Implementation

The developments done were documented and made upgrade safe for future upgrades. A repository of the developments were handed over to the customer for future reference.

Customer Testimonial

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