Project Description

SugarCRM Upgrade & Implementation Industry – Professional Services

Conversia S.A. is in the business of providing world class professional training and seminars to its customers. The training enhances the productivity of the people.They ensure benefit other people and make them satisfied customers.

They understand, anticipate, and respond quickly to their needs and demands. Conversia indulges in both corporate and individual training. They were looking at implementing a SugarCRM solution which could be adapted as per their business requirements. While selecting the CRM development solution overall cost of ownership was a crucial consideration. Therefore SugarCRM was selected since it was an opensource solution at that point of time. The company had a huge user base and license fees would have meant a huge outlay every month.

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SugarCRM Implementation for Spanish Customer dealing in professional training solutions

When they reach out to us, this growing organization was looking for a platform which could keep up with the company’s needs. The following are the details of the business needs and the solution implementation.

Business Needs

Conversia wanted a wholly integrated system to track their end to end business process from assigning the lead to the correct representative, automatic document generation, training scheduling till the time the course was delivered. The lack of information flow between the various stakeholders was causing issue to the business.

The organization also wanted to implement a territory management solution. This would enable the users to have access to the correct franchises. The company was also looking at automation to reduce the manual work required by the users.

The company also wanted to implement a tele-sales process and implement a marketing solution which could send schedule based emails to the recipients which met certain criteria.


Solution Implemented

The solution implemented encompassed from mapping the business processes on the CRM platform and coming out with the configuration and customization.

A. Custom module development

The developments in the project were met by creating custom modules and integrating them to support the entire business process at Conversia.

B. Schedulers and workflows

These automated the business processes so that operational efficiency was increased. They kept the process transparent and raised flags to the respective users based on the events.

C. Automatic document generation and document archiving

This helped Conversia to save manual efforts while ensuring accurate information. Various document templates were implemented. This took information across modules from SugarCRM and had an automatic PDF pre-filled with information generated on the fly.

Learn how to use PDF templates in SuiteCRM.

D. Integration with in house applications

The solution was also integrated with in-house applications of Conversia using web-service calls. This ensured that data was consistent across the organization. There was a single version of a record and eliminated confusion across department also eliminating human effort and errors.

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E. Territory management solution

The company had various roles and locations. Certain users were supposed to have access to restricted sub-set of information based on their hierarchy. Veon implemented the solution to take care of this requirement. Role management provided by SugarCRM was extensively used and a custom validation layer was installed over an above the same.

SugarCRM Upgrade Steps

Conversia also engaged Veon to upgrade from SugarCRM 5.2 to the latest SugarCRM 6.0 due to enhanced user interface and better integration capabilities. The following steps were involved in the migration project.

  • Installation of SugarCRM 6.0 and incorporation of customization as in 5.2
  • Database Schema changes
  • Incorporation of integration aspects
  • Mock migration of data using SQL Script
  • Unit and User Acceptance testing
  • Final Migration of data during off business hours
  • Post Go live support post Upgrade

Our engagement with Conversia not only helped them implement a customized CRM application but also enabled them to reduce cost yet increase efficiency.