Project Description

Concargo is a leading logistics and transporting company in South Africa. It helps its private and B2B customers quickly calculate the freight, book their shipment and help with tracking of the goods in transit.Most of the vehicles are company owned, however the quote generation process is complicated and dependent on many factors.

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The company was a looking at implementing a SugarCRM based solution which could help them manage their customer inquiries till booking process in an automated manner.


SugarCRM implementation for South African Logistics Company


Business Needs

business needs for concargoConcargo uses different methods for calculating the charges applied for transporting items from one place to another. Two methods involved calculating freight charge based on the dimensions and quantity of the items. Other methods involved pre-defined rates. The system needed to be flexible enough for the operator to change the applied rates and calculated charges. The operator needed to add additional charges when required. The default rates and calculated charges needed to be saved along with the applied rates and charges entered by the operator. Also the Quotation system needed to integrate seamlessly into SugarCRM so that all related information prior to quoting, during the quotation process and following the quotation process formed an unbroken continuous thread.



Solution Implemented

The following were the key aspects of the customized solution implemented at Concargo.

 Customized Quote Module

We modified the existing Quotes module in SugarCRM. This ensured that Quotes module integrated smoothly into SugarCRM and all features available in SugarCRM Quotes module applied to the customized Quotes module.

solution for concargoWe created a module for places to be used in source and destination part of the quote. Two modules, for the two calculation methods used at Concargo, were created for entering the master rates. A module to save pre-defined charges was created. Each pre-defined charge was associated with a quote type. A module was created for storing some default parameters used in the quoting process, in case they needed to be changed at a later date.

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Estimation based on Quotation Type and Weight

The default quotes module in SugarCRM used product groups and products. These were removed. The operator would be able to select the source and destination. The operator would have to select a quote type. The operator would be able to add and remove items to the quote. Then the dimensions would be entered for each item. Based on these dimensions (length, breadth, height and mass) and quantity, other variables like volume, volumetric mass factor, total mass etc would be calculated automatically. The operator could add different additional charges and also remove them.

Elaborate SugarCRM Portal integration

SugarCRM had to be integrated with customer portal. This helped them perform transactions like request for a quote, track their shipments and make changes to their shipments till certain event in the life-cycle of the quote.

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Business Benefits

The following were the business benefits attained by the client after implementing the customized SugarCRM on SugarCRM:

benefits concargo

(a) Faster Quote Generation – All the manual calculations were automated and this led to faster and accurate Quote Generation.

(b) Centralized Database – Any new inquiry coming from various sources like Website / Affiliates / Partners were readily captured in the system.

(c) System Alerts / Workflows – The business processes were automated this lead to proper alerts based on schedule and events. This made the overall operations of the company efficient.

(d) Campaigning – New sales opportunities were created in the system by sending campaigns on offers and discounts to existing customers. This led to increase in top and bottom lines.

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