During transactions such as post goods issue of outbound delivery or posting material movements (VL02N or MB1C), sometimes we come across the above issue.  SAP has integrated modules  and in this case when SD or MM documents are being posted to accounting, it prompts that posting is only allowed in a certain period and company code combination. We will look at how to solve this issue in this thread. These issues are usually faced by end users at the start of the new month or a new financial year.

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It may be noted that all these transactions have posting of material documents in the background. In these transactions there is a posting date is taken from the transaction data. For example, look the following field in the outbound delivery.

Outbound Delivery Screenshot

When you get this error, you may want to check whether posting is allowed in the period for the company code by following the below steps.

How to solve the posting specific periods and company code issue

Let us check the current posting period of the company code. We used transaction MMRV for the same. Below is the screenshot of MMRV which is explained in the picture below.

Screenshot of MMRV

In the picture you can see the current and previous posting periods for the company code and also configure whether you want to allow posting in the previous period. Usually to maintain proper books, a company may want to close posting to previous periods and ensure accuracy in reporting to financial institutions.

 Opening the posting period by using MMPV for the company code

Now let us goto MMPV transaction to set the posting period. You can see that the posting period is now changed. This will allow you to post documents in this period.

Screenshot of MMPV transaction

In this transaction, you have the option to enter a combination of company code and posting period. You can choose whether you want to open the period or only want to perform a check. Usually you may not want to allow posting of negative values and quantities, but in case you do, please check the appropriate checkbox.

Some Other related issues

Apart from the issue described above, you may also end up in some related issues. They are described below to help you perform your task without any subsequent hassle

#1 Posting period not open for a/c type S and G/L

If you are getting this error, it is related to new financial year related settings. Thus, it is due to incomplete year end closing activities. For solve this error, you can go to OB52 transaction and see the entries related to posting period variant, account range and period / year combination. More often than not, you would need to copy the entry for the previous financial year and change it to the new year

     #2 User XXX is already editing the Outbound delivery

This is one of the simplest yet one of the commonly faced issues. You may want to ensure that no one else is changing the outbound delivery while you are doing PGI. Also ensure that you don’t have the outbound delivery open in another session else SAP will lock the record and will not allow you to make changes.

Conclusion and Further Information

By following the above steps, you can overcome issues which are commonly faced at start of every new month or a new financial year. We sincerely hope that this was useful and any comment of feedback will be very helpful.