For generating higher sales in a specific time, promotions can come handy specially for retailers who sell in physical stores as well as e-commerce. They are defined for specific period and have some favorable buying terms for the end customer.  A promotion can run on specific products. SAP provides a detailed functionality on managing this in an effective manner so that organizations can maximum the opportunity of generating higher revenues as compared to the competitor in a profitable manner.

A sales deal defines a marketing deal for a certain product and can have multiple promotions within it. Let us look at how we can use this functionality within SAP.

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Step 1: Creating promotion

  • Use the tcode VB31 or navigate to the promotion which is shown in the fig.Screenshot of Creating promotion

  • Select the promotion type. In the example, 0030 is the promotion type.

Screenshot of promotion type

  • Enter the Promotion description and validity period. In the below fig. Test Promotion and validity period is One month.

Screenshot Promotion Vaalidity

  • Click on SAVE button. It will display successful creation of promotion.

  • In the example Promotion, 103 is created.

Screenshot save promotion

A sales deal as mentioned is an actual representation of a promotion with multiple sales deals tied to a promotion. The sales deal could be unique per each product line or per each customer group etc. Example: If we want to offer customer-specific discounts in some cases and material based discounts in others.

A sales deal in SAP is defined as a group of two or more condition types executed during the order processing for the promotional period. The actual master data for the condition record data resides in the sales deal via the condition type combination.

Step 2: Creating Sales Deal

  • Enter the tcode VB21 or Navigate to the Promotion which is shown in below fig.

Screenshot of Sales deal Transaction Code

  • Select the Sales Deal type.

The agreement type indicates the type of the sales deal, for example, whether it refers to a product or product line. The standard system contains sales deal type 0020

Screenshot Sales Deal type

  • Deals can depend on various combinations of sales area, distributor, end customer, and material. Each sales deal can pertain to many customers or just one. They can be national, local, or limited to a specific customer location.

Screenshot of Organization Data

  • Special condition records can be allocated to a sales deal.

  • Maintain the conditions for Sales Deal. In the below fig Sales Deal is for customer discount.

Screenshot of Customer Discount

  • Maintain the amount of discount for the customers.
  • In the screenshot, for the customer 1000, we are giving the four percent discount in the Sales deal.

Screenshot of Discount in the Sales deal

  • After maintaining the conditions save the Sales deal.

  • Click on the SAVE button which is shown in the screenshot. In the screenshot Sales Deal, 104 is created. In this deal, we are giving the customer discount of 4 percent.

Screenshot of Save Sales Deal

Step 3 : Attach the promotion to the Sales Deal

  • While the creation of Sales Deal we can attach the Promotion to the Sales Deal. In the screenshot, promotion 103 is attached to the Sales Deal.

Screenshot Promotion Sales Deal

  • To attach Promotion to the sales deal Enter the Tcode VB22 and Attach the Promotion to the sales Deal.

  • In the example promotion, 103 is attached to Sales Deal 104.

Screenshot of Attach the Promotion to the sales Deal

Placing an order:

  • Once the deals are created, a standard SAP sales order verifies if there are any existing deals that qualify the order as eligible to receive the special pricing.

  • Place one order with the customer 1000 which is having the Sales Deal of 4 % discount. If a customer places an order, customer will get 4 % discount on the value.

  • Go to the conditions of the order we can see the customer discount is applied.

Screenshot Customer Discount

  • Select the condition and click on Condition Rec.

Screenshot Condition Rec


Benefits promotion and Sales deal in SAP

Promotions and Sales deal will increase the Sales and we can maintain these for specific customer or organization or specific product.

  • Reduce existing stock levels

  • Boost sales and the success of a company

  • Test new products on the market

  • Catch attention during seasonal sales

  • Great way to disposing off unsold stocks

  • Discounts to promote new store openings

  • Special pricing to generate sales