Much has been said about opensource solutions and how small business can leverage them to their advantage. When it comes to customer relationship management software, SuiteCRM is one such platform which makes it easy to manage sales, marketing and support functions within the application.

If you are familiar with SugarCRM, here is a quick guide to help you compare SuiteCRM with Sugar. The solution can be used as sales software, help desk solution and marketing automation tool. It can also be used a platform to build new solutions.

SuiteCRM can be installed on various operating systems and is offered both on premise and in on demand options. Though it is already loaded with tremendous features, it can be customized further to incorporate business logic and appearance.

Here are some facts about SuiteCRM


Since its initial release in 2013, the platform has come a long way. Following are some key associated figures which describes how popular the platform has become across the globe.

Quick Facts on SuiteCRM

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Here are further details associated with SuiteCRM


While the above infographics summarizes the details, here are the complete fact in details. They will help shed more light on this topic.



SuiteCRM is becoming increasing popular specially among organizations using SugarCRM community edition.  If we see the download statistics on SourceForge, it shows an increase upt0 40% in the last few months.

SuiteCRM download statistics country-wise

Courtesy – SourceForge download Statistics

As is evident from the information the top five countries where download is maximum consist of India, United States, Croatia, United Kingdom and Germany. These countries contribute to approximately 50% of the total downloads. Linux and Windows happen to be the two most popular operating systems. If you are looking at installing SuiteCRM you can find step by step instruction to do so out here.


Cost and affordability

SuiteCRM comes at a fraction of cost as opposed to other platforms. SuiteAssured is a professional service provided by SalesAgility which covers maintenance and hosting aspect of the platform. The solution saves approximately 70% of recurring cost when compared with solutions like MS Dynamics.


SuiteCRM Community

The solution has a vibrant community with well over 97,000 users. There are over 16,000 discussions and 50-80 answers posted every day. You can look at numbers at by clicking on SuiteCRM forum statistics. Topics related to theme and Outlook plug-in are the most discussed threads.


Ecosystem of the solution

SuiteCRM has partners spread over 11 countries consisting of Argentina, Australia, Germany, USA, India, UK, Italy, Mexico, France, Brazil and Canada. Thus, in terms of continents, this covers North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

SuiteCRM Feedback on popular forums

For the article, we reviewed publicly available feedback and following are the details of what we found. The solution is rated 4.1 / 5.0 on G2 Crowd and 4.0 out of 5.0 on Software Advice. The solution is rated high on parameters like functionality, affordability and flexibility.


Industry Verticals

SuiteCRM can cater to any vertical. However, it is most suited for Finance, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Retail, Travel and Public Sector. If you find the default features of SuiteCRM not completely meeting your business needs, we can help. See the information below.

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