SugarCRM is commercial and licenses based customer relationship management software and it is available in different editions like Enterprise and Ultimate. It is more than enough to run a medium to enterprise business. Every business has a different role hierarchy depending on the business requirement, in SugarCRM we can create a role that achieves the business requirement. It helps to establish permission and layout for the role.  

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SugarCRM role management and layouts are the linked process for creating custom layouts in SugarCRM, Role management has a robust security module by using which we can control the access level of a module including standard and custom modules in SugarCRM. In SugarCRM, layouts are created by default with Role management and we can set role-based layouts for different records view for the manager’s sales and customer support role. 

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In this article, we will see different types of permission in Sugar and how to customize layouts for a particular role or group of users.

Different Permission Levels 

SugarCRM provides a robust security module in role management. we can set permissions for modules and fields accessed by users to that role. An administrator has only create roles and allow permissions based on the role, Roles manage various layers of actions and access for users within SugarCRM following are the permissions types

  • Module-Level 
  • Team-Based or Record-Level 
  • Field-Level

Module Level Permission 

Sugar module-level permission provides access to modules using a role chart, an admin will configure the permission based on the role and organization requirements. The following are the steps to configure permission 

  • Click admin panel form from the profile drop-down
  • Navigate to  Role management as shown in below screenshot

Navigating to Role Management

  • Select a role you want to define module permission or you can also create a new role as per requirement, here we are using existing role call “Sales West”
  • The following screenshot shows access types in role chart in Role Management
    • By select drop-down, we can assign permission to modules

Assign permission in Role Management modules

Team-Based or Record Level Permission 

Teams-based level permission in Sugar is used to define permission for a group of users by enabling “Team-based permission”. An administrator has access to enable or disable the permission for module the following are the steps to enable “Team-Based Permission” in Sugar 

Step 1: Enable Team-Based Permission in Sugar 

  • Admin Panel ⇒ Team-based Permission

Navigating toTeam-Based Permission

  • On Click “Team-based Permissions” you will be navigated to the following screen
  • Enable team-based permissions and selecting modules in SugarCRM the following screenshot shows steps to enable team permissions and selecting modules.

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Field-Level Permission 

In Sugar, Role management provides a field-level permission for a created role to a defined security feature for a particular field we want to hide from sales or support users the following are steps to configure field-level permission 

  • On click profile drop-down and select admin panel 
  • Admin panel ⇒ Navigate to “Role Management”
  • Select any “Role” record form list-view follow the below steps to configure 

Assign Field-Level Permission in SugarCRM

  • The above screenshot shows how to select field level permission access for a particular module 

Steps to Configure layouts in SugarCRM 

Configure layouts in Sugar using “Role” and team management profiles, In SugarCRM, layouts are created by default we need to define permission for a particular module and set field-level security based  on user and role requirements, in this example will see how to configure  and set field-level permission 

  • Login to SugarCRM with Admin access and follow the below steps to navigate to layouts 
    • Admin Panel ⇒ Studio ⇒ Select (Accounts Module) 
    • Click on Accounts Module and Select Layouts 

Selecting Module for layouts in SugarCRM

  • Select layouts as shown in below screenshot 
    • Note: Role-based views are only accessible for record view layouts

Selecting Accounts Layouts in SugarCRM

  • Select “Record View” as shown in below Screenshot

Selecting Accounts Record view Layouts in SugarCRM

  • The below screenshot shows available “Role” and “Team” In sugar. By click on drop-down, we can set layouts for a specific role or team(Group of users) 
  • Role layout view is created by default with every role and team when it created and default layout is assigned to it.

Assigning Role to layout in SugarCRM

  • In the below screenshot, we have selected the “sales west” team. After selecting team whatever the changes made it will reflect a group of users whos added to “sales west” team
  • We can delete any field or modify the change based on the requirement.

Role is assigned to Layout for Accounts module in SugarCRM

We hope this article is helpful for customizing layouts and to control access of the module to a particular role.

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