Though SAP has credit card processing functionality, often enterprise look at integrating a third-party payment processor. This not only helps them remain PCI complaint but also enables them by having secure processing of payment across credit card brands. Chase Orbital, also referred to as Paymentech, is one of the leading credit card processors owned by JP Mogran Chase. This article showcases our solution for integrating SAP with Chase Orbital / Paymentech.

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For those just starting off with how SAP handles credit card processing, this article is a good place to start with. You may also want go through this link to understand how a normal order in SAP is different from a credit card one.

SAP Payment card set up

Apart from credit card configurations described out here, we must enable communication with Chase orbital gateway. This requires setting up of an RFC destination. It might be noted that TLS 1.2 must be enabled in RZ10 for a handshake with Chase to be successful.

Screenshot of RFC Destination Chase

Also, since Chase orbital requires username and password to be sent with each SOAP request, the information must be stored in an encrypted fashion. You can also store the tolerance levels at the time of authorization out here itself. For the below example, we have used a tolerance of 10%.

Screenshot of Chase Orbital gateway details

Card tokenization and Authorization at Sales order creation

When a new sales order is entered within SAP with payment card information, SAP automatically calls Chase Orbital / Paymentech for authorization. At this point of time, Chase creates a profile ID which is used to tokenize the credit card number. Thus, the actual credit card information is never stored within SAP. Any future authorization or capture happens with reference to this tokenized card number.

Tokenization of card number using Chase profile ID

The amount authorized is increased by 10%. This eliminates the chances that the card is near its maximum usage limit when delivery is being made and a freight component is added to the order.

Tolerance of the authorized amount from Chase orbital

Multiple authorization lines on sales order change

When sales order is changed (let us say quantity is increased by 1), this triggers a fresh authorization from Chase Paymentech. The increased amount is captured as a separate credit card line. It may be noted that still the total authorized amount is 10% higher than the order value.

Multiple authorization lines in credit card section

Payment capture on post goods issue

When outbound delivery is post goods issued, SAP captures the payment with respect to the authorization. It may be noted that if multiple authorization lines exist, SAP captures the payment in an optimal manner (across one or multiple lines).

Capturing of payment across authorization lines

It may be noted that in case of partial deliveries, when payment is captured against an authorization line, the remaining amount automatically becomes void. Hence, a new authorization line gets added automatically for the remaining order value (yet to be delivered). For example, if half of an order totaling $400 was partially delivered, a fresh authorization line of $220.00 would be automatically added (considering the 10% tolerance setting).

Integrating SAP with Chase Paymentech – Complexities faced

The following complexities were encountered when integrating SAP with Chase orbital gateway.

  • Leveraging the standard SAP credit card processing to the maximum.
  • Enabling the infrastructure including loading of client certificates, enabling TLS 2.0 and configuring communication with Chase.
  • Handling of partial deliveries was complex as it requires capturing partial authorization lines, voiding the transaction and creation of fresh authorization lines.
  • There some credit card brand specific processing that need to be handled within the logic of the integration.

About Chase orbital / Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech is available for businesses operating out of US or Canada. It provides processing a various range of credit and debit card brands including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American express.  It provides a test environment to set up and test the integration before issuing the live merchant credentials. The platform has a rich set of documented integration methods.

Our services regarding SAP Chase Paymentech integration

We help deploy the package to enable SAP integration with Chase Paymentech, followed by a rigorous end to end testing. If the client needs help in executing the certification test scenarios, we help execute the same. Since the live credentials are different than test, we help execute the cut-over steps to ensure a fully ready production environment.

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