Best run businesses run SAP. However, very few of them have extracted the most out of what SAP has to offer. In the rapidly business environment there are different challenges as well as opportunities. Veon Consulting helps you attain the maximum out of your SAP Investment by helping you leverage the Service Oriented Architecture to a maximum.It is our passion to integrate SAP with popular web based applications to ensure maximum business benefits with lowest total cost of ownership.

SOA Based Web application Integration with SAP ECC Back Office

Veon helps you in having web based applications integrated with SAP so that you can leverage best of both worlds: Robustness and control that SAP provides, plus flexibility and easy to access and use Web applications. Real time integration ensures that business validation happens as if the transaction is happening directly in SAP. The top applications range from E-commerce, CRM and Customer self help portal. 

SAP best practices
SAP SFDC integration

SAP Integration with

We expertise in integrating the most popular cloud based Customer Relationship Management solution with the robust back offices running on SAP. The customers get best of both the worlds. The ready to use out of the box connector helps you in saving time and money and getting started from day 1.

SAP Integration with Magento E-Commerce

If you are thinking of launching an integrated e-commerce portal on top of your SAP Back-end then Magento 
can prove to be a good platform to think over. Given the fact that it is probably the only renowned platform which you can implement as well as integrated with SAP ECC (R/3) within a budget $ 50,000. You may be surprised to view a depth of the functionality and integration points that we and our partner Insync Tech Fin Solutions bring to you with APPSeConnect in terms of launching a web store on SAP Back-end. 

SAP SFDC integration
SAP SugarCRM Connector

SAP SugarCRM Connector

Enterprises with large sales team are increasing adopting SugarCRM for their Salesforce automation tool due to obvious cost advantages. SugarCRM, the most popular commercial open-source platform is one of the top choices. SAP SugarCRM Connector provides you integration points starting from Enterprise Structure integration, Master Data Synchronization and Real Time transactions for handling Inquiry till Cash cycle. The key considerations are that master data will be sourced and synchronized with SAP and the CRM users can perform the sales cycle with real time business validation and pricing happening out of SAP. The solution uses a smart combination of RFCs and IDOCs.


Adobe Flex on SAP

Adobe Flex Developments

Enterprises have realized that certain mobile sections of their user base use limited SAP functionality. Adobe based rich internet applications help these users remain connected to SAP application, involve validations and make real time transactions / updates to the SAP R/3 system. Having an online system instead of off line sync approach (uploading a file once back to workplace) is a big step in having a mobile yet online enterprise.

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