SAP SugarCRM Integration

Low CAPEX | High ROI | Flexible web based CRM on your SAP Box

A typical CRM Implementation on SAP ECC averages approximately $500,000 and implementation timeline of approximately 6 months. With SAP SugarCRM integration, launch your enterprise class CRM at literally a fraction of cost and within a week. Save hassle, leverage the best commercial open-source CRM solution and save recurring license cost. 

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  • Real Time Integration with SAP
  • Enterprise control and scalability
  • Customer Enquiry module to growth
  • Get operational CRM within a week
  • Customizable for your needs
  • Low Cost High ROI CRM
  • Master Data Synchronization
  • Save on recurring license cost
  • Intuitive Web based CRM
  • Multi lingual and multi currency

SAP SugarCRM Connector 

One of the most economical yet powerful enterprise front office solution on SAP ECC.

SAP SugarCRM Integration


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Customer and Contact Information

The customer master is synced to SugarCRM and it helps you to get all the relevant information into the system along with their contacts. Change pointers are activated which means that any change on SAP side will lead to a trigger and would automatically get pushed into SugarCRM

Sales Area Set up and Hierarchy

Its nothing new that the sales team is organized around teams which are linked to respective sales area / office. Commonly the companies want the sales team to view relevant information as per their role definition in SAP. Hence a salesperson responsible for Engineering division in South region would see the master and transnational data pertaining to the above combination

Order to Cash Cycle

The set up helps the two systems communicate in such a way that real time transactions can be achieved in a much more streamlined manner. Processes like creation of quotation, orders and other sales documents can happen from SugarCRM.

Customer Account Receivables on the go

The salesperson also chase up account receivables on multiple occasion. However, this is usually done by coordinating with the finance team. Having the correct information is crucial. This feature helps the users to get a real time information from SAP on how much the customer owe. It can also be extended to view the customer statement for a mentioned period.


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The solution is ready and can be used by enterprises with high data volumes. There are no limitations on number of sales areas or offices of the company which can use this. Similarly the solution can be used by any number of users. This not only improves affordability but also improves user adoption as the solution is simple to browse and use.

The solution is completely integrated using standard SAP suggested techniques and best practices. We have deliberately kept custom objects to minimum so that we can ensure maximum out of the box functionality which SAP already provides.
SAP has a intense user interface and is popularly used over SAP GUI. SugarCRM on the other hand is completely web based and easy to use with minimal training required. Hence sales team which wants to use the application on the go can leverage the latter. The transactions, however, would happen directly into SAP.