SAP SugarCRM Integration

An effective SAP SugarCRM integration solution can make your enterprise become highly agile. With our time tested offering, streamline operations right away and make the most out of every opportunity.

SugarCRM SAP Integration

Get a web-based CRM solution, which works closely with your on-premise SAP instance. Take your customer facing functions to an entirely new level with our pre-configured solution. Shorten time to market, eliminate hassle of building a solution from scratch.

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Solution Highlights

We know that you have choice of so many system integration platforms. Below are the highlights of what differentiates us as far as integrating SugarCRM and SAP are concerned.

Pre-configured yet flexible

Pre-configured yet flexible

Our solution works out of the box. This helps you save time and money. It can also be adapted for your unique business needs.

Growth with control

Growth with Control

Give a boost to sales team by giving them visibility of finance and operation data from within SAP. Give freedom to your sales team and let them express themselves in a confident manner.

Automated Bi-directional Data Exchange

Automated Data Exchange

Cut down on offline communication with automated bi- directional data exchange. With a single version of truth, give accurate commitments to the customer and win both their business as well as trust.

Adherence to best Practices

Adherence to best Practices

Our quest to make a better solution has ensured that we make minimum changes to SAP, respect cloud nature of SugarCRM and facilitate any data error correction in an intuitive manner.

Scalable Solution for growth

Highly Scalable

Whether you do few hundred transactions a day or run into hundreds of thousands,
our solution will work tirelessly to keep data harmonized. You can focus on the business while we take care of the integration stuff.

Unique architecture for data Security

Unique architecture for data

Due to hybrid model, confidential data resides on your premise and applications. Business transactions are never stored outside your applications.Configuration data remain on cloud and can be updated as and when needed bringing agility in case of changes.

Some of our SAP Integration Success Stories

USA Leading Bike Manufacturer
SAP Magento integration for South American Textile Distributor
South American Retailer
Florida based Opthalmic device manufacturer
Asian Medical Device SAP CRM Integration

What do we integrate between SAP and SugarCRM

SugarCRM on the go

To make the solution work seamlessly, the following aspects of the solutions need to integrate. Kindly note that these offerings may differ slightly based on whether you are using SAP Business One or SAP ECC.

Account synchronization


The business partner master is synced between SAP and Salesforce. Any changes or updates to the records are synchronized between the platforms. This ensures that the business master data always remain up to date. The default sold to and ship to addresses are synced as well.

Contact Management


Contact persons in the accounts are also synced between SAP and SugarCRM. Any changes to contact persons are also updated so that they remain in sync. It helps the sales representatives to look at the relevant contacts and to create them, if required.

Products and Prices

Products and Sales price

Products within SAP are synced to SugarCRM along with their prices from the selected price list. Since SAP is the system of records, product updates are usually not allowed within SugarCRM.

Quotations are created by sales


Quotations are created by sales representatives within SugarCRM. They are synced to SAP and the SAP Quote number is visible within SugarCRM as soon as the transaction is posted within SAP. This ensures that the information is readily available in SAP for subsequent transactions like ordering and invoicing.

Featured Customer Testimonial

Testimonial Julie I

” I thank you so much for the work you have done for us. Will surely recommend you for future work and ongoing support.”

Julie I, Manager  (JCP Events )

Key Benefits of Integrating SugarCRM with SAP

Following are the top reasons why you may want to integrate SugarCRM with SAP.

get the best of both worldsSAP is designed for people in headquarters and is best in class for finance and operations. Sales people are on the go and need something which is intuitive and fast. They need a solution which could help them close deals faster without having to do many steps. With this solution  you can get an optimum mix of solution which are proven in their respective domains.

automated integration between SugarCRM and SAPEfficient companies need effective solutions. More automation means less manual effort and frustration. It also means greater accuracy and better customer satisfaction.

Scale-able operationsCompany growth is enabled by having information disseminate to various business functions without any manual intervention. For example, a promotion approved for Thanksgiving must automatically be applied across applications for the mentioned duration. So with our solution, you are fully geared for ten or even hundred fold growth without worrying about effort duplication.

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Frequently asked Questions

Starting an assignment like this one, is a big step towards automating your customer facing business processes. We understand this. Therefore, we are listing answers to some of the frequently asked questions that you may have. Going through them, will give you a head start already.

Broadly speaking, we support two offerings from SAP. The first one is SAP Business One, which is built on .NET framework. It is SAP’s offering for mid-size companies. We also support the enterprise version also know as SAP ERP. We support versions 4.6c, ECC 6.0 and S/4 HANA. We do not however support SAP Business by Design.

Our solution resides on your network premise. Due to this you will need to provision a Window’s machine where we can install our agent. This will take care of talking between SAP and SugarCRM in an intelligent fashion without any security concern. The solution uses one SAP and SugarCRM users to communicate with the platform. If you are using SAP Business One, you may need to enable DI Services so that communication can happen to and from SAP. For detailed checklist, contact us for a free assessment so that we can discuss it over a call.

To connect to SugarCRM, we use REST protocol. As far as SAP is concerned, we use DI Services to connect to SAP Business One. Also, we use a smart combination of RFCs and IDOCs to connect to SAP ERP versions.

Though timelines can vary depending on tweaking required, the base implementation can take anywhere up to 3 business weeks. The cost of base implementation involving SAP Business One consists of $6,499 for license and $3,000 for set up. The implementation for SAP ERP versions are more complicated. The license fee for the same is $18,000 and $10,000 for set up.

Change requests are estimated and charged separately. An annual maintenance fees of 20% of license and customization combined apply from second year onward. Kindly get in touch with us for an accurate estimation and pricing for your assignment.

Yes, we do support SAP running on HANA. In case you use SAP Business One on HANA, we connect using HANA service layer. If you are using SAP ECC on HANA or S/4 HANA, there is no impact of database, since RFCs and IDOCs remain unchanged.

Ongoing support is covered under annual maintenance. Sync issues as well as minor configuration are covered along with connector version upgrades. You can raise support request by logging into portal and submitting ticket.

We would need access to your SAP and SugarCRM instances. Our deployment can be done under supervision of your SAP administrator. Usually this would take 4 – 8 hours of their engagement for the base implementation. We will require remote access to the machine hosting the agent.