SAP Salesforce Integration

Our pre-configured ready to deploy, yet flexible solution helps to accelerate your integration journey. Empower your sales and customer support functions by seamless SAP Salesforce Integration. Gain a competitive edge by reacting faster to customer’s needs and shortening your time to market.

SAP Salesforce Integration - best of both worlds

Get best of both the worlds with the best in class ERP solution along with the most proven cloud based customer relationship platform. Explore the usual integration points between the solutions.

SAP Salesforce Integration points

The following are the pre-configured integration points between the applications. These come in the pre-packaged solution which means it can be quickly deployed in your environment.

Customer master from SAP is integrated as Accounts within Salesforce. New customers registered in Salesforce are transferred to SAP as new customer records. Updates in customers are sent to Salesforce so that information is always up to date.

Business Impact

  • Your salespersons always have up to date and current customer records to generate opportunities and close more deals.
  • No more follow-up with sales coordinator to get the customer created in SAP before quoting price to customers.
  • Additional customizations are possible. Example blocking quote process for customers with non-satisfactory payment history.

Get products or item master is essential for organizations to facilitate quote generation and ordering process. The solution takes care of sending prices as per pre-defined price lists within the SAP system.

Business Impact

  • Sales team has accurate product information to generate new opportunities and quotes.
  • Accurate prices help sales rep quote with confidence requiring less back and forth communication.
  • Especially useful when you retire an old product or introduce a new one.

Quotation from Salesforce are synced and sent to SAP. The information is accurately captured in Salesforce and carried over to SAP.

Business Impact

  • Automated sync of quotes from Salesforce to SAP.
  • Precise document with comments and additional commitments made to the end customer.

Precise document with comments and additional commitments made to the end customer

Business Impact

  • Sales rep can get to know which quotes created by them have been converted to orders.
  • Automatic marking of opportunities as closed won as soon as orders are created in the system. This means more accurate funnel tracking.

Invoice from SAP is synced with Salesforce so that sales representative can get to know the financial aspects in a first-hand manner.

Business Impact

  • Better and accurate information to sales rep while following up regarding receivables.
  • Getting to know the payment due dates and other finer invoice details.

Business Case – Out of the Box SAP Salesforce integration 

Veon brings you out of the box integration between SAP and Salesforce on APPSeCONNECT platform with the following key highlights.

Accuracy in Data Banner Image

Accurate Information

Faster Time to Market with Solution

Faster Time to Market

Business Growth Banner Image

Accelerated Business Growth

Control within Organization

Better Control

SAP Salesforce Integration Demo

The video shows the solution overview and covers the typical needs of Salesforce automation needs of an enterprise. SAP serves as master and back-end data whereas Salesforce helps in tracking field sales activities and capturing quotations. The feature shown are in the following order.

Solution Details and Demo

Click below for fact sheet and solution demo.

The customer information can be sent from SAP to Salesforce so that they are readily available for sales team and quotation can be created from Salesforce.

The list price can be sent from SAP to Salesforce so that the customer representative can choose the price book and ensure that the customer is getting the correct prices for his orders.

All the opportunities in Salesforce which are marked as closed won are downloaded into SAP and the quotation number is updated in Salesforce.

All the orders created in Salesforce are synchronized with SAP and their respective order numbers are updated in Salesforce.

The delivery information pertaining to orders created are updated in Salesforce. The information also contains the goods issue date and tracking number if any.

The invoice information is sent from SAP to Salesforce and the invoice date, invoice number and due dates are populated as per the information available in SAP.

Integrating SAP Business One with Salesforce

We integrate SAP Business One with Salesforce as well. The solution can leverage DI Services as well as HANA integration layer based on you SAP Business One version and database being used.

The business partner from SAP Business One are synced as Accounts within Salesforce and vice versa.

The item master is synced from SAP to Salesforce.

The prices from SAP Business One are synced to Salesforce.

The quotes generated in Salesforce are synced back to SAP Business One

SAP Business One Account Integration with Salesforce

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