Among all the companies across the world, it’s the small businesses that have most urgent IT outsourcing need. They are constraint by budget, time and reach. They need an affordable solution which can make the most impact. This article lists down the top considerations before outsourcing your IT overseas and also some handy tips and tricks. These quick checklist can help you save money, energy and time.
Almost all these checks can be run if you have access to internet. You can simply execute a search and fill in most of the parameters in a short span of time.
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Top Considerations before outsourcing

Following are the top things that may come across in your mind before outsourcing. We are also presenting some tips and tricks on how you can evaluate your potential IT vendors on each of these parameters.

More often than not you are looking for someone to take care of your ongoing project needs. You may want to look out a company which has been for a while and specializes in what you are looking for.

Trick – To get a fair idea check when the company was established, number of employees & clients served. Of course you can’t expect a big set-up but on the same hand avoid a company which just started and has only 1-2 resources working from home. Also try to find customer testimonials & look out that the person giving the testimonial actually exist.

The fact that you are clear about what you need doesn’t necessarily translates to your overseas software vendor. Honestly until you have spent time explaining and detailing out the conversation, it is hard for someone offshore to get completely on-board and run with your requirements.

Tip – Insist on verbal communication at the time of getting quotes. Ask the company to explain their understanding of what you need.

How does your vendor intend to go about doing your project? Does he plan to submit a detailed scope / design document to you and take your consent before commencing the development? Usually you would find that evolved Offshore IT companies have pre-defined process for execution and may charge a bit higher for quality. But trust me it is worth the money.

Tip – Does the Offshore Company give a detailed proposal with scope, assumptions and delivery timeline clearly mentioned on it? Having this safeguards mutual interests and defines how you would go about in cases of differences coming in.


Further Outsourcing tips and tricks

  • Judge Company’s social media presence, activity levels and quality of content being put up.
  • Check the age of domain to validate age of the company.
  • View the company on linked in to find number of people associated with the company
  • Does the company have any whitepapers in the area they work?
Checking domain age

Figure – Checking Domain Age gives you an idea of how long the provider has been around.

Most important – Do not get tempted by lowest bidder. Remember that quality and good offshore resources come at a cost.

Challenges in outsourcing small IT projects

The budgets of these projects are too small for big IT firms of the world to get interested. Hence the business owners and IT managers are usually faced with the challenge of finding a suitable company which can help meet their needs. This then translates to job of finding a suitable offshore development company which has the expertise. Of course searching on the web helps but the job is still far from over.