Trivitron healthcare is one of the leading medical device distributors in Asia, European, African and Middle East markets. The organization is structured across product divisions each catering to specific market needs. In the recent past, various acquisitions and mergers have shaped and re-defined the company. The growth also led to new complexities and an urgent need to track the workforce operating on the ground to track demand and customer satisfaction in an efficient manner. 

Business Needs 

The company has a large and ever-expanding sales and after-sales team. The organization wanted an affordable customer relationship management software. The company wanted to accurately track demand generation, the outcome of a sales meeting and lost opportunities to gauge competition level. The demand was needed to automatically feed into the ERP system (SAP in this case). 

On the other hand, the company also wanted to service its equipment in an efficient manner. For example, any equipment in the operating rooms had far more stringent SLAs. Efficient allocation of service calls as per skill matrix, notification to the relevant service technical and capturing any learning during resolution was of paramount importance.

Solution Provided

  • Organization Set up – It was important to replicate the organization hierarchy and divisions in a flexible manner within CRM so that the future acquisitions could be amalgamated into the current system. The matrix layout of the company needed to control the access of information within the application. 
  • ERP Integration – Business data like product details, customer details, Quote and order details are synced across platforms on the need basis. 
    • Capturing Master Data from SAP into CRM – Master-Details like product details, pricing, customer addresses are synced from SAP on the requirement basis to capture the changes in the details and is available to use in almost in real-time
    • Validate Order with SAP – Quotations captured in CRM, and when completed and ready, can be verified for the underlying criteria with SAP directly just with a click of a button from the CRM interface
    • Approval for Quotes – Quotes in CRM are sent to the manager of the assigned users automatically for the approval. And the quotes can be approved in the CRM platform itself. This reduces the communication time for approval. When used with the mobile app, it can further scale down the end-to-end time.
    • Sync Order with SAP – Send the approved Quotes from CRM to SAP in a single click, and allow the SAP to take care of the further process of the pipeline.
    • Sync Order Status from SAP – Status updates from SAP are captured into the CRM, using IDOC based syncing, and are available to see for the salesperson in the CRM platform to discuss and update to the client as needed.
    • Service Call from CRM – Request for a service call can be raised from CRM and forwarded to SAP post-approval. At the SAP end resources are allocated as per the request and availability
  • Live ongoing meetings in the CRM – Visually pin all the ongoing active meetings over the map, on the CRM platform.
  • Custom Reports – Multiple excel based custom reports were generated to analyse the salesforce effectiveness and order pipeline status filtered over salesperson, manager, and date range.
  • Mobile APP – Service people will travel to different locations and need to access the CRM for customers specific data. An application is developed which shows customers data from CRM in real-time with respect to the user location. Users can log service calls, schedule meetings and create quotes.
  • Value Added Automations – Scheduler base automation for assignment of cases, breach of SLA, 
  • Role and Hierarchy based team structure – Access to different modules records and permission are set based upon a combination of Role and organisational hierarchy.
  • Custom Dashlet – Custom Dashlet to track the quarterly sales funnel showing the volume of sales and quotes based upon order status, quote status, client status and user access permission
  • Country specific quote documents – Different formats of quote implemented for quote PDF based upon the user assigned to the quote and sales area customer belongs to quote documents.

Business Benefits attained by Trivitron

  • 360-degree customer view
    • The solution helped Trivitron gain a complete view of customers including communication channel, communication history, sales details, service details, and frequency of channel to maintain the details.
  • Salesforce automation

    • Many touchpoints between the on-ground sales force and managing office are streamlined, making communication faster, unambiguous and linear. Like the case for quote validation and approval.
  • Faster deal closure
    • With sales teams equipped with near to real-time quote submission, success for closing a business opportunity increases rapidly. Example being a case of quote approval where an approved quote can be delivered to the client immediately after or even during the discussion in the meeting itself.
  • Deliveries on commitments
    • With faster communication employing all channels like email, SMS and notification between the sales-team and backend team, sales-team were better equipped to answer to customer queries, and to can make satisfactory deliveries on commitments
  • Better collaboration
    • With process updates related to quotes and orders available in realtime, there were fewer needs for the follow-ups, making more time available for more critical decisions.
  • Automation leading to saving
    • Process for the quote or order approval was automated to matrix decision system, by automating the notification to the concerned parties based upon the Sales Area, Division and value
  • Streamlined After sales
    • The installed base was tracked in the CRM application. It helped maintain warranty terms in a better fashion. With the knowledge base and quick assignment of service calls, CRM helped in the timely notification for SLA on service calls.

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Web Based Integrated SugarCRM on top of SAP ECC 6.0 Backoffice!

Client's background SAP Sugar IntegrationTick Mark IconMaximum Use of Standard SAP Standard Objects

We minimized ABAP developments and hence the lowered the total cost of ownership of the project. In fact only about 8% of the overall development was spent on SAP related development. Rest was all handled via customizing the PHP based SAP SugarCRM Connector.

Tick Mark IconBest Practices while Integrating with SAP

We used smart combination of SAP Integration technologies – IDOCs and RFC (BAPIs) to ensure maximum returns on investment and use SAP way of integrating a third party application.

Tick Mark Icon

Layered and Robust Approach

The integration between SAP and SugarCRM was approached at three levels. Each preceding level forms the base for next level of integration.These layers were (i) Enterprise Structure integration between SAP and SugarCRM (ii) Master Data Synchronization (iii) Real Time Data Exchange for transactions.

 Tick Mark IconSMS Integration for Mobile Service Workforce

Third party integration for sending and receiving SMS response into SugarCRM thus making service engineers more efficient.

Value Additions SAP Sugar Integration

 Tick Mark IconCustomer Testimonial and Business Benefits

SAP Sugar Connector ImageGiven the fact that alternatives like SAP CRM and were proving to be very costly, client narrowed down on SugarCRM, the most popular commercial open-source solution.

The approximate savings turn out to be in the tune of $ 180,000 per-annum.

“Having SAP and SugarCRM Integrated will help our initiative in a big way” – Founder and Managing Director, Health Care Manufacturing and Dist. Enterprise.

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