Web Based Integrated SugarCRM on top of SAP ECC 6.0 Backoffice!

Client's background SAP Sugar IntegrationTick Mark IconMaximum Use of Standard SAP Standard Objects

We minimized ABAP developments and hence the lowered the total cost of ownership of the project. In fact only about 8% of the overall development was spent on SAP related development. Rest was all handled via customizing the PHP based SAP SugarCRM Connector.

Tick Mark IconBest Practices while Integrating with SAP

We used smart combination of SAP Integration technologies – IDOCs and RFC (BAPIs) to ensure maximum returns on investment and use SAP way of integrating a third party application.

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Layered and Robust Approach

The integration between SAP and SugarCRM was approached at three levels. Each preceding level forms the base for next level of integration.These layers were (i) Enterprise Structure integration between SAP and SugarCRM (ii) Master Data Synchronization (iii) Real Time Data Exchange for transactions.

 Tick Mark IconSMS Integration for Mobile Service Workforce

Third party integration for sending and receiving SMS response into SugarCRM thus making service engineers more efficient.

Value Additions SAP Sugar Integration

 Tick Mark IconCustomer Testimonial and Business Benefits

SAP Sugar Connector ImageGiven the fact that alternatives like SAP CRM and Salesforce.com were proving to be very costly, client narrowed down on SugarCRM, the most popular commercial open-source solution.

The approximate savings turn out to be in the tune of $ 180,000 per-annum.

“Having SAP and SugarCRM Integrated will help our initiative in a big way” – Founder and Managing Director, Health Care Manufacturing and Dist. Enterprise.

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