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Get started with experienced professionals who can perform SugarCRM Customization services and help you accelerate sales, rejuvenate marketing and streamline customer support functions. Discover how we can adapt SugarCRM vis-à-vis your business context keeping in mind the best practices. By personalizing SugarCRM and making it an integral part of your operations, we ensure that the platform nurtures growth for years to come. Reach out to us now to see how we can help.

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We have delivered projects across geographies and industries. We carry unique expertise to design an optimum CRM solution for small, medium and large enterprises.

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customer testimonial Dominic

Mr. Dominic M

Chief Operating Officer

African safari logo customer testimonial

Very professional. Real pleasure to work with. We had 2 other teams and had been disappointed with both their performances. You restored our faith in outsourcing. Thank you Guys 🙂

customer testimonial Noemi B

Ms. Noemi Becci

IT Manager

conversia sa testimonial

We had to customize SugarCRM heavily for automatic form generation, complex workflows and integration with other applications. Veon did a good job for us in doing these customization. They were also involved in our upgrade.

customer testimonial Chad B

Mr. Dominic M

Chief Operating Officer

WP Realty logo customer testimonial

I was initially on a back-foot to get developments done offshore. Time difference and communication were the two key concerns. Team members at Veon, were not only experts but were also very forthcoming with suggestions. Would definitely recommend them.

What We Do

Get to know how we customize SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Custom module creationSugarCRM caters to typical business needs. Standard modules of SugarCRM fulfill the sales, marketing and customer service needs. Modules like Accounts, Contacts, Products, Cases, Calls and Meetings are provided out of the box. However, every company is different and to meet their specific business needs, SugarCRM needs to be customized by creating the missing entities in form of custom modules. A custom module needs to be properly related to a standard SugarCRM module or another custom one.

Custom field creation in SugarCRMModifications are not limited to creating new modules. Existing modules may also need to be enhanced by creating custom fields. Our SugarCRM consultants take care of advanced concepts like managing field level dependencies, business validations and access based on user and roles.

Moreover, custom buttons may be required within SugarCRM for the users to take certain defined actions. These buttons can be placed at Record view, Detail view or List view row levels. We also expertise in customizing SugarCRM to have mass update buttons which can help update multiple records at a go.

Relationship and Sub-panels within SugarCRMWhile customizing SugarCRM utmost care must be taken to define optimum relationship between modules. Such relationships can be one to one, one to many, many to many or many to one.  SugarCRM also provides ability to create circular relationships (module linked to itself).

The child relationships are displayed within sub-panel of the parent module. Our consultants design relationships in a way that doesn’t impact the performance of the application. We also expertise in related concepts like sub-panel panel top actions, row action within sub-panel and mass update of sub-panel records.

Workflows and Schedulers created for automationTo automate business processes within customer relationship management solution like SugarCRM, we leverage these concepts to drive efficiency. We design workflows to update information, send user notifications or to send outbound emails from SugarCRM automatically. Schedulers help run the batch processing and automate certain activities which needs to be done on regular interval.

SugarCRM Theme customizationIf you are looking at changing how SugarCRM looks and feels, we can help. By changing the elements within the user interface, we can make it match with your corporate identity. This helps the user get a seamless experience if they are interacting with many applications (SugarCRM being one) in their day to day work.

SugarCRM reporting and dashboardsIt is important to understand and analyse the underlying data within SugarCRM. Dashlets bring out the to do list and immediate items requiring attention. Reports on the other hands, bring out detailed insight. It helps the company understand how they are doing versus the set KPIs. We help design meaningful reports which simplifies data representation.

Our SugarCRM experts help execute many other kinds of customization. Some of them are listed below. These are solution which add tremendous value in overall business context.

  • SugarCRM Portal integration – We help integrate SugarCRM with third party and custom-built portals. The portals are responsive and can work on mobile devices as well as traditional workstations. We have rich experience authenticating users, showing existing data as well as helping users execute new transactions.
  • ERP Integration – Our rich solutions help integrate SugarCRM with financial applications. Some of our pre-configured solution are SugarCRM QuickBooks integration and SugarCRM SAP Integration. Having a streamlined information exchange between systems, helps ensure single version of truth for customer facing team.
  • SugarCRM Twilio integration – In some business case, it is important to send and receive SMS from SugarCRM. Twilio is one of the leaders in this area. Integrating SugarCRM with Twilio enables users to communicate in a bi-directional manner.
  • Avalara Integration – Tax determination can be complex. States like California have tax rate computation based on street address. Federal, state and county tax is determined accurately by Avalara. By integrating SugarCRM with Avalara, tax can be computed while creating Quotes.

Industry solution for SugarCRMHaving worked for customers in specific segments, our SugarCRM consultants have built industry solutions for Real Estate, Manufacturing, Hotel management, Recruitment, Travel and Medical Device distribution verticals. Reach out to us to view the features of the solution and see how you can gain distinct advantage by leveraging the instance.

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Frequently asked Questions

We offer the following services to our customers. They are the most comprehensive offerings in the industry.

Tailor Fitting SugarCRM as per Business Logic

Though SugarCRM is a powerful tool, every business has something unique about it. This is precisely why it needs to be customized to meet your specific business needs. As per our study you return on investment on a customer relationship management tool purely depends on how closely the platform has been adapter with respect to your business processes.

Integrating SugarCRM

Integrating SugarCRM with accounting and inbound marketing applications like Quick Books, Mail Chimp, Act-On and HubSpot can be enormously rewarding. It generates efficiency and provides automation by reducing manual work. We have also integrated SugarCRM with complex applications like SAP and are ISV partner with APPSeCONNECT one of the leading integration platform available in the market. Reach out to us for custom integration projects as well.

SugarCRM Upgrade and Performance Tuning

Our developers have the expertise to upgrade your SugarCRM into the latest platform. Depending on your business requirements we can provide with road maps and business logic to fine-tune your platform for hassle-free, secure and optimal performance.

Migration to SugarCRM

We help you to migrate from other CRM applications without having to worry about business downtime. Over-exceed your experience with previous application and enjoy enhanced functionalities without having to spend more than you have to.

CRM Implementation requires you to consult an expert who can help you realize the maximum returns by adhering to the best practices. We believe that our ability to understand your business and extensive technical capability on the platform is our most important asset. We leverage our experience of past implementation and brainstorm together with you so that we design a system together which will work for years to come.  After implementation we offer very competitive share support models which ensures monitoring, minor change requests and enhancements.

Just like any enterprise application, SugarCRM customization enhances the user experience by making it relevant to their daily activities. Until the application can integrate with other systems in your landscape and can match your business process, it won’t be of help. Furthermore, personalizing SugarCRM also means automating manual activities and making end to end business flow efficient and accurate. Thus, configuring and tweaking SugarCRM meet the needs is one of the critical success factor and must be looked at carefully by business owner. Therefore, we recommend all our client to look at this aspect very carefully. In short customizing SugarCRM means making it meaningful, enhancing user experience and making business more efficient. Hence once you decide to do it, this means that you have taken your first major step in becoming customer oriented.

The following are the top business processes which SugarCRM can help you with. They are divided in sales, marketing and after sales buckets.

Salesforce Automation

The application has tremendous application for sales and marketing side of your business. The foremost thing it does it that it streamlines your sales funnel. You will have prospects which show interested in your production / solutions. If they are serious you would want to quote them an offer and chase up the opportunity towards deal closure.

Once the sales team activities are fed into the application you would have a history of what has been done for a customer. Also, you may want to prioritize some deals over others and automate certain triggers and notifications which can make your sales process more effective.

Help-Desk management

Your customer support can work on SugarCRM as well. You can streamline customer support requests via email, phone calls and other channels like web into a single application. Further, you can organize support members within team so that they can see their relevant cases and respond it to it from within the application itself. Having everything within the same application means that they have visibility to the history in a convenient manner. Tools like knowledge base and email templates help speed up the response to customers.

Marketing and Campaign Management

You may want to reach out to a list of potential buyers and for this you may drive campaigns. These campaigns can be sent in multiple ways – Physical Newsprint, Hoardings, Email blast and others. You may want to know what the returns were for each of these campaigns. As you close deals and track where the leads are coming from, Sugar would automatically analyse and show the returns on these campaigns.

After years of using other CRM application which prove to be costlier and inflexible, companies are moving to SugarCRM for multiple reasons. The total cost of ownership is reduced due to the application being commercial open source and also because it is based on PHP. Also there is a complete flexibility in choosing on premise or on demand versions of the solution unlike applications like Salesforce. The application runs on various operating systems with equal ease. Also features like module builder and studio help rapid application development on SugarCRM.

SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions ever developed. With its out of the box feature of being able to be customized quickly as per business requirements, it has gained tremendous popularity across the globe within a short span of time. If I were to say it, I would simply put it as the latest revolution in the customer relationship management segment.
It has been recognized as one of the visionary products by Gartner in 2014. Though its widely used by small and medium companies, enterprises with large user base are also warming up to it as the platform in scale able and can be integrated with ease with other applications in the IT landscape of the company. Recently, IBM replaced Siebel with SugarCRM for their 60,000+ user base. The solution has great look and feel , tremendous administration back end and adheres to many customer relationship management best practices.

Many companies around the world are using SugarCRM. Most of them are small and medium enterprises. However, with the latest versions the company is targeting larger enterprise customers. Many big names like IBM, Daimler, Thomas and Cook are already using the platform.

SugarCRM started as a commercial opensource solution. However, after version 6.5, company announced that they will no longer be supporting the free version. As of today, the company offers only the paid version of the product.

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Mr. Jeff Perrye 

Chief Operating Officer

Marco Ophthalmic, Inc.

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They have been great to work with, very responsive and the bridge between applications that we’ve needed to get the integration running successfully.