Small to large business organizations use CRM (on-premises / cloud) to maintain/develop/improve the relationship and interaction with their existing as well as potential customers and leads. Though customizing the CRM helps to get most out of it, sometimes it’s important to adopt the latest technologies into CRM which helps to amplify the revenue numbers.

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With everything now getting digital. Incorporating these development within CRM is bound to be a key strategy for the company’s growth. Accepting electronic signature on digital documents by a single click in CRM will take CRM to its next level. Let us look at this aspect in details. 

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What is e-Signature?

It is an electronic signature captured to get approval on digital documents or forms. There are many electronic signature solution providers available to integrate with a CRM solution such as SugarCRM. One of these is eSign Genie. It has rich API structure and is also one of the HIPAA compliant solutions.

What is eSign Genie?

eSign Genie provides an easiest, fast, secure legally-binding digital signature solution. It allows us to create multiple documents/ reusable templates and send bulk documents for esign. eSign Genies APIs make it easy to integrate with other applications or websites.

Why should we integrate SugarCRM with eSign Genie?

SugarCRM is one of the leading CRM platforms which gives you great scope to customize the platform according to the business need. Integrating such CRM to any other application is an add-on to the CRM functionality. 

Organizations which maintain signed documents from customers at various levels like Form, Contracts/Agreements, Quotations, Invoices etc. will go through different levels of process like document drafting, printing, scanning, faxing and archiving. Getting these paper documents signed from the customers within time is unpredictable as it may take longer time than expected in some cases. eSign Genie is a one-stop solution using which, documents can be sent from SugarCRM with single click to the parties and no matter where the parties are they can sign the digital document.

Steps to Integrate SugarCRM with eSign Genie

Below are the steps to integrate with eSign Genie.

  • Login to eSign Genie account.
  • Navigate to the settings menu. Activate the developer account with eSign Genie under the API tab.
  • Click on the API tab, a form will be shown.
  • Fill the required details to obtain “client id and client secret”. Below is the screenshot for the same.

Filling required details in eSign API consumer edit view

  • Copy the newly generated values in a secured place/in SugarCRM config to use in authenticating your REST API requests.
  • Create a reusable document template (used in the API request for document creation).
  • Navigate to Templates->’Create New Template’.
  • Upload the sample document, you can also add predefined fields(Text, Checkbox, Sign field etc…) using drag and drop option from the toolbox.
  • Below is the sample template.

Sample template of eSign

  • Below are the access levels that can be assigned for recipients
    • Fill out Fields and sign: recipients will be able to fill the fields and sign the document.
    • Fill out Fields only: recipients will be able to only fill the fields.
    • CC/View Only: recipients will be able view the document.
    • Edit and Sign: recipients will be able to edit the fields and sign the document.
  • Once all the fields are added, click on the save button. 
  • Below is the sample implementation in SugarCRM Quotes module that sends a quote document for e-signature.
  • Open Quote record click on action->Send for eSign button as shown in the below screenshot.

Sending form for eSing in SugarCRM

  • Once the document is sent for eSign the Quote stage will be updated as “Sent for eSign” as shown below.

Quote stage will be updated as Sent for eSign

  • The Receiving party will get an email to sign the document as shown below.
  • Users can view the document and sign in the signature field and submit the document. Below is the screenshot for the same.
  • When the party signs and submits the document. The status of the quote will be marked as “eSign Completed” as shown below.

You can now login to eSign Genie and click on the documents tab. You will find that the document is executed.

Advantages of SugarCRM and eSign Genie integration

  1. Integrating SugarCRM with eSign Genie ensures that there is less manual effort for users who are working in the instance.
  2. Documents which are eSigned have their independent verification which may be required for multiple cases.
  3. Since all the documents are stored in a single place, handling and tracking of documents become easy.
  4. The solution has a real-time updates on documents to SugarCRM.
  5. Eliminates security risks.

Integrating the SugarCRM with eSign Genie allows you to send documents directly from CRM to parties and get signed in time. 

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