SUGARCRM is a leading commercial open-source customer relationship management (CRM) software solution. It is a Web-based CRM. Solution that can be accessed from anywhere using a Java-enabled browser.  A strong feature of SugarCRM is the ease of Customization. This has led to the popularity of the solution.

SugarCRM related customization help in modifying or adjusting the out of the box solution to meet peculiar business needs of the customers. SugarCRM Customization also enables the solution to be integrated with other solutions like ERP, Accounting, VOIP, Invoicing and E-Commerce Solutions.


JbillingFounded in 2002 and is a matured billing solution with an established community. It is based on a Java stack and is suited for small and medium enterprises. The solution is however scalable to an enterprise level of activity.


With the web interfaces it is built on, it can manage subscribers automatic invoicing through email and PDF documents. It does many operations like direct deposit transactions, payment processing including credit card, check and also handles complex recurring billing.It allows users to add custom business rules with the help of a plug-in architecture.


SugarCRM Customization for JBilling Integration


SugarCRM J Billing Integration


The underlying concepts between the integration are below

1SugarCRM allows creation of logic hooks in an upgrade safe manner.
2These logic hooks are triggered at certain events like before saving, after saving of a record etc.
3API calls can be made from SugarCRM to JBilling to data exchange.


JBilling runs in many RDBMS vendors which makes it easy to access the billing data straight from your application. It follows SOA (Software Oriented Architecture) principles where all services are exposed as web services.



SugarCRM Customization Details


The SugarCRM Customization details are mentioned below for the above integration.


1The SugarCRM Customization is done in the Accounts module in the after save logic hook.

2The After Save logic hook is implemented by calling Jbilling’s Webservice

3The web service calls the required method and performs the necessary actions as mentioned below.

4Using the login credentials and createUser() method of web service provided by JBilling the API connects to JBilling and saves the newly created Account data from SugarCRM as Customer data in JBilling.

five_redIt is important that this method is invoked only at the time of new Account creation and is not triggered at the time of Account Changes.




The solution to integrate the applications has leveraged the SugarCRM Customization principles for upgrade safe coding within logic hooks. In essence SugarCRM Customization is the key to achieving the business needs of an organization which wants SugarCRM as their CRM application and jBilling for invoicing hence giving the customers the best of both the worlds. It may be noted that SugarCRM Customizations achieved through studio and logic hooks are upgrade safe and follow SugarCRM standards.