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SugarCRM MailChimp Integration
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Nowadays, most of the businesses use CRM to aggregate their business data. MailChimp’s marketing automation is one of the most used feature that usually combines with SugarCRM to make the implementation more meaningful. Though customer relationship management software have email campaign features, however, third party applications provide enriched functionalities which make them more efficient in.

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Key Features of SugarCRM MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that helps you perform various types of campaigns with clients, customers, and other interested parties. Integrating these CRM with MailChimp helps you run your marketing automation function in an accelerated manner.

List and Contact Sync

The Target List and the contacts from the CRM can be synced to MailChimp to run the campaign from the MailChimp.Any new subscriber from the MailChimp can also become a Contact or a Lead in CRM. And these Contacts or Leads can be used in further campaigns.This automated synchronization of Lists and contacts help the users to concentrate on the campaigning rather on managing the Lists.

Targeted Campaigning

Targeted Marketing

As targeted marketing divides the market into groups based on the contacts’ interests and targeting these contacts with the specific content that they are interested in. MailChimp helps in analyzing these contacts which can be segregated into groups. This analysis can be synced to CRM to analyze the contacts behavior and runs a specific campaign related to them.

Collect Contact Information

We all would be excited to know which potential contacts had opened, Clicked or Subscribed to the mail. MailChimp helps in collecting all this information. And this information can be synced to the respective contacts in the CRM for more targeted campaigns.

Run Social Campaigns

Handle Social campaign

Though MailChimp is a great marketing tool, it has some limitations that we are not able to integrate our email marketing efforts to post some data, direct mail campaigns, and also cannot make a call easily when we are posting data on social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. But by integrating MailChimp to CRM helps to post the Campaign data over social media. And you can get most of its capabilities. Just you need to apply little efforts to install CRM for your business success.

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Advantages of MailChimp Integration

By having the combination of MailChimp and SugarCRM features, you can take various advantages. Here you can manage target list and their contacts. Once you have collected a list of contacts, you can send the email or perform advertising through campaigning. We can also save our data in CRM database as well as in the marketing tool that is MailChimp. The combination makes a complete package to perform Customer Relationship at its best and with the high level of ease.

  • No Technical Knowledge Required

You don’t need any technical knowledge to run your campaigns. The marketing team can set up campaigns with an intuitive interface. The solution gives tremendous opportunity for them to show use their creativity and send relevant and meaningful information to their audience. 

  • Send Events / Newsletters / Offers 

Keep your prospects engaged by sending them information which makes your brand prominent as leaders in your domain. Send promotions to drive up sales and gain new customers. 

  • Measure Outcome

Finding the right message for your audience may take time and iteration. The solution helps you to measure the outcome of the campaign in an objective manner.  This helps you optimize target acquisition source, email templates and the timing.

If we deep dive into properties provided by MailChimp, one can find various features for creating email designing. For designing, we need to drag and drop the template or else you can get many existing templates. The user can build uniquely designed email for their customer. Integrating MailChimp with SugarCRM users can take advantage of email designing as well as ignoring its weakness. So now, the user can use the platform to send effective and personalized email to their contacts.

SugarCRM helps us to create automated campaigns on daily, weekly or monthly basis based on the behavior of the contacts. For example, a contact looking for a product in e-commerce website would most likely be getting a campaign mail related to the products he/she was looking for without any user interaction. These Automated campaigns can be achieved by integrating the platforms.

Using the flexible platforms, you can run campaigns on social media and direct emails. You can leverage various channels to run your campaign on the mentioned channels.

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