Organizations have evolving needs as they face changing business realities. Many companies start with spreadsheet to maintain their customer database. Having realized that SugarCRM adapted as per business needs offers great flexibility with lower total cost of ownership, you would be wondering about the following questions how you can migrate to  SugarCRM to get the same / better set of features as the current platform? Also how to ensure the completeness of data migration from my current CRM how seamless your journey can be without a downtime and with 100% accuracy and business continuity.


Migrate Salesforce to SugarCRM | Goldmine to SugarCRM | MS Excel to SugarCRM | Bespoke CRM to SugarCRM

Veon provides trusted solution on migration from various platforms to SugarCRM. The approach taken takes into consideration many factor like

  • Data Structure and tweaks which need to be in place before migration.

  • Application Integration requirements you may have.

  • Business data volume both in terms of master data as well as transaction data.

  • Business expectations and current pain points faced with incumbent platform.


Devising optimized Migration Strategysolution detailing out

Veon Consulting, have devised a migration strategy to migrate your data from your current application to SugarCRM. Our services offer you the following business benefits.

A. Customization of SugarCRM to meet business requirements – To ensure that moving to SugarCRM has quick adoption among your end users and SugarCRM meets their expectation. No blind migration without knowing the consequences.

B. Data Migration Automation Tool – We use open-source tool called Talend to migrate the data from your current CRM to SugarCRM.

C. Data cleansing and archival – Lesser the data, better the performance of an application. We cleanse duplicate records and obsolete data like historical emails (your confirmation taken). You get a faster application and much cleaner data for your business users

D. Post Go live support – We monitor your application for a week to monitor your application before guiding you when you can switch off your current CRM Application.

Migrate to SugarCRM


Migration Case Study

We did a migration of 150+ GB of data for one of our clients dealing in Financial Instruments. The project required intense communication and had no margin for error. Coupled up with this, there were sensitive data which meant tremendous impact due to confidentiality.

Background to the customer

The customer had been using Goldmine to manage its customer database. Realizing that they needed enhanced level of automation, rigorous analysis and extensive subscription management, they started looking out for a CRM which could be flexible to their changing needs. SugarCRM fit the bill more than anything else.


The challenges in migration

Following added complexities to the execution of the project

a. Designing the application to meet the current and future needs of the company.
b. Data sensitivity in many parts of the application
c. Subscription based pricing model meant there was no chance of an error
d. Huge duplication of data and the size of database itself was tremendous.
e. CRM was a critical application and zero business downtime was a mandate from senior management.


The Approach

The following approach was used to migrate the CRM application

a. Extensive customization and configuration to match the business requirements.
b. Data mapping and transformation using Talend
c. Obfuscation of the sensitive data to ensure confidentiality
d. Mock migration run on non business day
e. Final migration on a weekend
f. Business data validation and sign off


The Achievement

The achievement was removal of 13% duplication in data, zero system downtime and 100% accuracy in data migration. The following benefits accrued

i. Better aligned CRM system which could match the business process flow
ii. Higher business automation via workflows to send alerts to make system more efficient.
iii.Better reporting and control using SugarCRM Territory management solution.


Next Steps on your CRM Migration

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