Every company has ordering and customer relationship management as two of their basic business processes. Whereas the scope of a CRM solution is limited till the time opportunities are closed, downstream processes like managing orders, shipments and invoices fall into purview of an ERP system. SMEs with simple business processes want a single system which can handle both ordering and customer relationship management. Considering that many SMEs do not have a separate ordering system, they would want to have these processes built within their CRM application. SugarCRM is one such CRM application that is getting more and more popular among the small and medium enterprises. There is an increasing demand of implementing SugarCRM and adapting it according to business requirements. One of the key areas which require tweaking is the order management aspect which is discussed in this article.


Ordering Management solution on SugarCRM

The process of order varies from one organization to another. Thus is makes sense to define how the process would work. Essentially to make ordering work, associated master data requirements are a must and play a vital role in the background. After the master data is in place there are inter-dependent business processes which get triggered. Let us have a look at these processes in details.


Master Data Requirements

Following is the master data required for making the order process work.  It must be noted that an organization must take all the required care to avoid duplication for these entities. Remember that a clean master data saves a lot of hassle tomorrow.

Product Catalog

Catalog is a tree structure for defining all your products. You can argue why we need a tree structure in the first place. But note that searching thousands of products is made easier by having a classification of your products in a neat arrangement. After all aren’t all e-commerce platforms having organized so that you can find the required product within seconds? Remember that not all CRM users will be expert in searching product by code. Also who knows you may extend your CRM in future to external business partners. In this case they will need user friendly ways to navigate the products. Apart from the product catalog you can have the products coming in with their prices, descriptions and associated pictures.


Customer Master

No points for guess this. Accounts module forms the basis of defining customers. You can add payment terms shipment locations and other value added fields to make ordering work smoothly.



Order to Cash Transactions

On the basis of master data, you can create business transactions. These transactions reflect your day to day agreements, contracts and sales operations. It may be noted that there are various synonyms which are used by business. However if you go through it you may find this to be the neatest way to manage your business. Also it may be noted that this standard set of transaction may require tweaking according to multiple scenarios. For example service industry may not have shipments, but a proof of services being delivered which forms a trigger to create invoice.

Sales Contract

You may have made certain contracts with the customers with specific pricing for a product in a certain date range. When you create any order with reference to a contract, if the contract is valid, it would take the prices that you have defined in the contract.



This is the revised Opportunity module. You give quotations and follow it across the sales stage until and unless it is closed. If the Quotation is Closed Won, it would create an order with respect to an order.


Sales Order

Order can be created with respect to either contracts or a Quotation. Order is confirmed intent of buying from the customer and has a legal obligation. More often than not you would want to capture the customer’s purchase order corresponding sales order in your system.

Screenshot - Orders

Screenshot – Orders

Delivery and Shipments

These are the shipment details with respect to the order. There can be multiple shipments for an order. It has a tracking number which can be further integrated with carriers to give a status of the shipment.

Screenshot - Delivery and Shipment

Screenshot – Delivery and Shipment


An invoice is created with reference to a shipment. You can also see the related order for which the invoice has been created.

Screenshot - Invoice

Screenshot – Invoice


Summary and Veon’s Order Management Solution

Having a consolidation of IT systems has always helped. Larger companies which have multiple systems are forced to integrate applications using APIs. However smaller companies with limited resources can instead leverage a single system instead of creating multiple applications. SugarCRM is one such application can help organizations map their operations on a single software solution. Moreover it is cost effective and flexible yet enterprise class. The value it offers to business owners is unparalleled. Having SugarCRM manage orders apart from your CRM needs can indeed a smart choice for many companies.

Veon’s  SugarCRM Order Management Solution helps your business to utilize SugarCRM in managing your ordering process.  It goes a step further from pre-sales part and takes care of Ordering till Invoicing in SugarCRM.
SugarCRM Order Management

Quotation via – a Web Form

The SugarCRM Order Management helps to create quotations in the solution via a web based portal form. You can set the pricing rules in the system so that quotation can be created with the right prices. Manual discounting is possible to authorized roles.

Conversion to an Order

Quotation can then be converted to an order which can be tracked with the status. Once an order is ready to be shipped, a carrier integration is set-up so that it can be picked automatically.

Invoicing and Open Items Management

Invoice is created and the entries are sent to the Accounting Package. The invoices which are yet to be paid are displayed in the open items dashlet.

ERP Integration

You may have complex pricing and business validation rules which you want to enforce in your CRM application. SugarCRM Order Management Solution can be integrated with your ERP application where these settings have already been done. Thus your sales team gets online pricing information and all your quotations and orders are in your ERP application as well.

The solution enables you to create quotations, change them before they are converted into orders. Thus where as the sales team gets picture of latest pipeline, the accounting team also gets insight of the finances.

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